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Witness the Future of work at India Dapp Fest 2019

If you are a lover of the wonders blockchain has been creating, then the Dapp Fest to be held in Bengaluru, Karnataka is going to be THE paradise. At this fest, you can listen to and interact with pioneers of Blockchain and witness the jaw dropping future, the technology promises. Also, you can gather first – hand information and insights about a lot of Blockchain related information, which is not shared anywhere else in India.

The theme of the event is on enabling ‘conscious decentralization’ promising a change in the future work assemblies. Notable topics include public Blockchains. Public Blockchains allow anyone to participate in the network, meaning decentralization is focused upon so that not a single or a few entities centralize the control.

One of the most awaited highlights of India Dapp Fest is the launch of the Digital Asst Regulations Policy Report. It will help the ongoing debate of regulations of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in India and how it can move forward in a more digitally inclined India.

The event which is going to be held at the Lalit Ashok Hotel in the IT Capital of India, Bengaluru,  from 11th June 2019 to 15th June 2019 is going to be a confluence of more than 750 top developers from across the world. Besides this, it is going to witness 20+ media houses, 100+ enterprises and more than 100+ investors who will be interacting with a lot of young start – up enthusiasts. If you are one, then this is one place which you should not miss!

One of the prominent points of the event are the speaker guest list, which includes some of the greatest minds in Blockchain to share their knowledge and predictions with the young community. To name a few, the names include, Nitin Gaur, Jessica Zartler, Jaspreet Bindra. Akshay Aggarwal, Rong Chen etc.

The detailed schedule of the event is available at the official website:

There are three types of tickets available for the event, the cheapest one, at INR 825 and the most expensive one being priced at INR 10500. Depending on the ticket you buy, you will get access to many exciting parts of the festival including a networking dinner with all the guest speakers!

So, if you are in Bangalore or can come down for this, then do not miss the India Dapp Festival 2019!

Blockchained India takes a leap for India’s Blockchain Space

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are still confused terms in India, but it’s enthusiasts are seen to be solving the jigsaw puzzle one step at a time. One such Blockchain group in India, Blockchained India is taking the forefront in terms of the most vital topic – regulations.

Blockchained India’s co-founder, Mr. Akshay Aggarwal, was invited by Swissnex for a  delegation to learn more through in-depth discussion about Blockchain technology.

Aggarwal is examining real-time use cases related to the blockchain ecosystem in Switzerland , in order to showcase and include it in India’s Blockchain friendly draft report. The primary purpose is to bring forward how technology like Blockchain is more of an advantage in revolutionizing a country like India. India currently faces several problems in terms of centralization of powers and corruption.

The Swiss tour includes discussions with respected Swiss government officials, Venture Capitalists, and communities to learn and share issues facing India.

India’s Much Needed Step for Blockchain

The Indian government’s confused state of what Blockchain is, and not understanding the technology behind it has left the Blockchain and Crypto enthusiasts of the country taking matters in their own hands.

Akshay Aggarwal highlighted in a previous article about the enthusiasm about Blockchain in India. Aggarwal said, “We have found Delhi and Bangalore to be the most mature ecosystems. The enthusiasm, especially in Delhi, is another level altogether. Though when you look specifically at enterprise blockchains, Hyderabad comes quite close to Bangalore. This is due to the initiative of the Telangana government to form a blockchain district.”

India Dapp Fest 2019

Blockchained India’s initiative of one of the most essential and vital events for Blockchain revolution in India- India Dapp Fest is expecting 600+ blockchain developers, 1200+ attendees and Crypto lovers from around the world, and the Indian public understanding more about India’s potential utilizing the technology.

India Dapp Fest 2019 will be held in the Lalit Ashok, Bangalore from the 11th to the 15th of June.

Hackathon & Workshop organized on 11- 13th June

Blockchain Conference organized on 14-15th June

You can book your seats here –

India’s Crypto Roadshow – The March towards a Crypto Friendly Country

Crypto enthusiasts in India have been battling the legal system of the largest democratic country in the world to ensure that cryptocurrency regulations are clearly specified. With almost a year of delays and the last deadline of 4 weeks by the Indian supreme court for the government to confirm cryptocurrency regulations, crypto lovers will be taking to the road to make their voice heard.

Nischal Shetty, the founder of WazirX, has undoubtedly motivated the crypto lovers of India to march on the road with his countless tweets and numerous reasons why blockchain and cryptocurrency are essential. WazirX is a peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange that has propelled during the tight cryptocurrency regulations and showcased that cryptocurrency is here to stay even if the laws are stringent.

Blockchained India – Organizers of the Campaign

The march is organized by Blockchained India which is one of India’s largest Blockchain communities. The plan includes townhalls, and roadshows in the four largest metro cities of India which include Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

The schedule is as follows-

  • March 2 – Delhi
  • March 9 – Mumbai
  • March 16 – Hyderabad
  • March 30 – Bangalore

Registrations are open, and each event will last for a good three hours between 5 PM to 8 PM.

India’s Crypto Enthusiasts

The Co-Founder of Blockchained India, Akshay Aggarwal has outlined that 30-40 companies have signed up as speakers, and is expecting more than 1800 people to participate in these events.

India notably known for being the hotspot of outsourced IT-related jobs has shown significant participation in the cryptocurrency scene.

India Dapp Fest, which is organized in May 2019 showcases India’s open cryptocurrency culture, and it’s vision for the digital currencies to be the future.

India Losing Opportunities in Crypto Space

If India’s government keeps a closed mind on fintech in terms of cryptocurrency, they will lose out on plenty of long term opportunities. Many countries are already sensing India’s scope and have invited Indian companies to partake in their cryptocurrency spaces.

The Central Bank of Bahrain for example have invited Indian firms, to explore fintech opportunities in the space of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Along with this the EDB which is the investment promotion arm of Bahrain has already signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with one of the states in India which is the Maharashtra state’s government to provide a framework for co-operation in the fintech field.

India’s decision on cryptocurrency and the final cryptocurrency regulations is quite an important chapter of Cryptocurrency mass adoption given that India has a growing population of over 1.3 billion.