South Korean University set to issue NFTs to all 2,830 graduates

South Korea University NFTs

Bob Coiney

February 18, 2022

The metaverse is but a context. An immersive one that can in principle bring the best of digital technologies to bear on education if and only if it is done right with the science of learning. Imagine a circular classroom, surrounded by whiteboards and populated with movable chairs.

The metaverse is upon us. Soon, it will be widespread in geometric patterns such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook (now Meta). As technology advances to bring us new immersive and imaginary worlds, how we educate children and prepare teachers must also advance to meet these new opportunities. 

When education lags in digital leaps, technology, rather than educators, will define what counts as an educational opportunity.  Today, as the metaverse infrastructure is still under construction, researchers, educators, policymakers, and digital designers have a chance to lead the way rather than get caught in the undertow.

To leverage the potential of the metaverse as a 3D, global, interconnected, immersive, and real-time online space, new ways to connect the physical world with augmented and virtual reality (VR) experiences are truly needed. With quantum energy being built on the metaverse and the widespread adoption of NFTs, Hoseo, a University in South Korea recently intimated to the public its plan to issue NFTs to its next set of graduates.

Giant Strides from Hoseo University 

Hoseo University in South Korea plans to award non-fungible token (NFT) degrees and certificates to all 2,830 graduates of the class of 2021 at a graduation ceremony on Friday. The university hopes that switching from paper degrees to NFTs will improve access to administrative services and prevent the forgery or alteration of degrees.

A wide range of industries and entities in South Korea have started to adopt NFTs, with the country’s leading conglomerates Samsung, SK, and LG including NFTs in their newest line of goods and services. Earlier this week, South Korea’s Samsung-backed Sungkyunkwan University issued NFT certificates to three students in its graduation ceremony.

NFTs Sage and its Synergy with Universities as a new trend.

In the coming days, there will be a wide use case of NFTs to Universities and when this comes to stay, its importance may not be evenly overemphasized. Non-fungible token, or NFT, is a distinctive, digitized, and encrypted token, fabricated and stored using blockchain technology.

The rarity and originality of the digital assets determine how valuable NFTs are. Now, NFT is branching out to higher education, where students, educators, and institutions can use NFTs for the betterment of the industry. Some key things to note about its invaluable use to the higher education sector will include:

1. Evidence Of Lifelong Learning

2. Micro-credentials For Transparency

3. Certificates are issued as an indicator of a student’s skills in a particular area. 

4. Higher education institutions can issue certificates as NFTs. This simplifies the process of validation as all diplomas, degrees, and PhDs can be issued by universities and stored by students in a digital space to be used as an educational profile.

5. Smooth Transition To Showcase Transcripts & Records. For instance, high school seniors in the United States must pay the fees to have their test scores sent to the college they are applying for. Some employees must contact their alma mater for their employers to verify their college transcripts.

6. Content Creators Get The Credits & Royalty Fees They Deserve. Educators can create and sell educational content to universities through the form of NFT. This allows them to receive the royalty they deserve.