Rich Dad Poor Dad Author’s warning – Bitcoin is the only savior!

Bob Coiney

May 21, 2020

Who hasn’t heard of the famous book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’? The book garnered rave reviews and also raked in the moolah by being the best seller. Over the years, the author cum Bitcoin investor Robert Kiyosaki has been advocating people to start investing in Bitcoin. Well, it is true that there are indeed many who are doing the same, but the best-selling author also is being extremely vocal about his sentiments surrounding Bitcoin. Robert took to Twitter to tell people that amidst the major financial crisis, Bitcoin seems to be the silver lining. 

He rolled out a tweet that does not appreciate the Federal reserve’s pandemic treatment. He also pointed out that between such a crisis it is only assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin that would ultimately prove to be investor’s safe havens or the cushion. The Tweet had a powerful message for the people to note. Robert reminded people that the entire country was going broke and instead of relying on the fake notes being printed, people should instead consider investing in assets like gold, silver, and bitcoin to save themselves. 

Another tweet that was written just 5 hours before this, had clear and harsher warning signals. The tweet mentioned Dr. Anthony Fauci who is the director of the national institute of Allergy and Infectious disease. He is also a quite noted authority when it comes to infectious diseases. Robert was disgruntled and expressed that the biggest fears of the virus being strong even in later parts of 2020 might be a glaring and startling reality. 

Carrying further his opinion Bitcoin he has predicted that Bitcoin price will reach $75000 in a much more somber manner. He is notably unimpressed with the manner the Feds have handled the issue and has pointed out their failures. He also has time and again expressed major worries about an economy that may be at the last stages of survival and an impending financial crisis which is not handled well in this great country!

Meanwhile, the tweets are slowly picking steam with more and more people noticing the warning messages by the author. It could be a cue that people take and understandably start investing in such assets especially Bitcoin which can be good for its future. 

Image Source – Rich Dad