Red Cross joins hands with Colli Albani to Raise Crypto Donations

Bob Coiney

March 16, 2020

For all economies of the world, the most pressing issue is battling the deadly Corona Virus. The Novel virus has claimed more than 4000 lives and has affected over 1,45,000 lives with everyday cases being updated on WHO websites and reliable meters. The Red Cross society has always come ahead to express assistance and solidarity in these hard times. The Italian Red Cross society along with the Colli Albani Committee are now raising donations in the form of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in order to cope up with the pandemic. The help was announced and made official on March 12’th. 

As we are aware, Italy has been hit hard and has issued a lockdown and the campaign run by the Red Cross will assist the country in setting up 2’nd level advanced medical post for a pre-trial of COVID-19 cases of the nation. The estimated cost to source this is 10,000 Euros to set up the required medical infrastructure as well as for the medical equipment. 

Some funds will also be set aside for the coverage of the expenses related to medical staff which also will be funded. Hospitals are flooded with infected cases and there is a mounting pressure on them to provide to everyone. Helperbit which is a Blockchain startup will provide the platform for charities and will also be its partner. 

This novel campaign is also supported by Young SRL which is a startup operating in the cryptocurrency sector with the main motive to support such initiatives. The Blockchain Education Network based in Italy which is in charge of information dissemination also has decided to join hands in the initiative. It is responsible for handout all the information related to Blockchain in the country. 

The move is believed to be the optimum solution as Blockchain is far more transparent. Young SRL aims to bring out several innovative models that would improve the current procedures. Blockchain education network representative also has showcased the importance of these platforms that provides transparency especially in the case of donations. 

The death toll in Italy has passed 1200 cases and yet there are 17600 cases that are under treatment. 

Image Source – Flickr