Real Madrid Team Now Joins Ethereum-based Collectible Game Sorare

Bob Coiney

December 21, 2020

The top-rated football team in the world, the Real Madrid team, is now present on an Ethereum collectible soccer game called Sorare. 

A news article on Coinmarketcap has said that the famous football team Real Madrid is now present on Ethereum. The football team based in the Spanish football league can now be played on a fantasy game called Sorare. 

It is a game where digital collectible is traded, and the players are used as NTFs. Readers might know Real Madrid’s popularity, which hosts some of the most famous football names for decades now. 

This is following Gerard Pique’s investment of $3.6 million into Sorare. Few of the current players like Marco Asensio, Sergio Ramos, others can be traded as NFTs. Players can be used as non-fungible tokens NFTs, in Sorare. 

Pilotwaffle, who is a crypto investor, trader, and miner, had this to tweet on the development.

With the development, those users with NFT can now trade their tokens of football players as they want to. Some of the famous names would be Sergio Ramos, Luka Modri?, Eden Hazard, etc. 

Traders can use them in the league. Players issued on the tokens come in three levels of scarcity: 100, 10, and unique. Once the token is issued, they become live on the blockchain. Readers will be amazed to note that the auctions are drawing massive attention. 

Digital collectibles are something that are gaining popularity among users. Some of the auctions are going to close this weekend. Few of the bids are already valued in thousands of euros. 

Marco Asensio card, which has 10 of them, are the highest value. They are sold around the €5036 mark. Other famous players like Andriy Lunin, Luka Jovi?, Mariano Diaz, and Luka Modri? have their cards. 

Sergio Ramos, who is a popular name, has a notably unique card. His token was going at almost €6,800 for now. A news publication on Cryptobriefing confirmed the same information. Sorare has listed previous teams like the football club Bayern Munich. 

Serge Gnabry token was sold at close to €2060. Additionally, Cyprus and Canada teams are also listed where Kylian Mbappé, who is a Paris Saint-Germain player, had his token one for more than €55,105 to somebody known as maxmersch. 

Sorare caught the attention of Gerard Pique, who is a former Barcelona player. Pique announced that he is planning to make a $3.6 investment in the company. Gerard said that he finds immense potential in the sports gaming and digital economies binding together. 

Besides, football is one of the popular sports globally, and there is a presence. One cannot predict anything for the moment. But things look bright for blockchain Pique. Perhaps, if Sorare could attract other sports and personalities, then things can pick up quickly. 

For now, NFT is doing exceptionally well in the market. Lil Yachty, who is a rap superstar, had auctioned NFT for more than $16000 for releasing the YACHTY token that is an Ethereum based token. 

Singers, too, are taking immense advantage of the blockchain. Besides that, Beetle, who is a digital artist, had managed to make more than $3 million from the “Everydays” collection drop. These sales operated on Nifty Gateway, an NFT auction house. 

It is owned and operated by Gemini that is a cryptocurrency exchange. Trevor Jones, a noted NFT artist, made $50000 and close to $120000 for “Picasso’s Bull” and “Genesis” played by him. 

One need not be surprised to find examples of famous players, artists, and talented personalities taking advantage of blockchain technology. Besides, the NFT seems to be doing stupendously aggressively for the moment. 

It is heartening to note that football clubs find themselves associated with blockchain technology because they believe in it.