PUMA Steps Into the NFT World On Its 75th Anniversary with #SuperPUMA

Subh Rath

February 20, 2023

Puma is the brand that brought an innovative notion into the mainstream. It introduced athletes to a new world of high-tech solutions for improved performance on the field. Similarly, the brand has increased men’s and women’s style with a selection of fantastic designs made to keep up with any lifestyle.

PUMA has been fueling the world’s passions for almost 75 years. From its beginnings as a maker of soccer and tennis shoes to its current position as a prominent global sports and lifestyle brand, the company has fostered innovation and creativity.

Now, as the company celebrates its 75th anniversary, it has new plans to expand and enter the metaverse.

The Release of PUMA’s Avatar NFT Collection

In a recent tweet, the platform announced the revival of #SuperPUMA and the release of an NFT collection based on its own avatars. 

In this announcement thread, the brand further shared minting details for its NFT collection. Here’s a rundown of these mint details:

  • The mint will be held on 2/22, starting at 10 AM EST. 
  • It will launch 10,000 Total Super PUMA NFTs in 4K for sale
  • It will allow all NITRO collection holders to receive a free airdrop of their NFTs shortly after the minting of each NITRO NFT they own.
  • The mint price of super PUMA NFTs will be 0.15E

Super PUMA NFT Collection:

Super PUMA allows collectors to have a one-of-a-kind PFP to express themselves while participating in the community. Furthermore, through the brand’s hero, super PUMA, the company intends to provide unique storylines and story-telling methodologies to community members.

The brand stated in the official announcement thread:

 “Additionally – through our hero we intend to build narratives and tell complex stories through comics, visual content, and much more in the future. “

The announcement also stated that the brand wants to include Super PUMA in numerous PUMA businesses through plush toys and items designed to establish the Super PUMA IP. The tweet also hinted at additional Web3 collaborations of the brand within and outside PUMA while briefly explaining the art design details of the 10,000 Super PUMA NFTs.

If you’re a PUMA consumer, this is your time to take your recognition of the brand one step forward by joining it in the web3 world. So don’t miss any more time and mint a Super PUMA before they’re all out. 


Contact Details:

Official Waitlist Raffle: https://premint.xyz/super-puma-official-waitlist/…

Materializer: https://opensea.io/collection/materializerpuma…

Nitro Collection: https://opensea.io/collection/nitrocollectionpuma…

Discord: https://t.co/E3vGAz6GOc