Popular Clothing Label H&M Becomes the First Fashion Brand to Explore the Metaverse

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Bob Coiney

January 4, 2022

2021 was the year where non-fungible tokens or NFTs, alongside other concepts like GameFi, DeFi swept through the world as the biggest trends in the blockchain space. Many experts predict that 2022 will largely be focused on the metaverse. While the concept is still in the frame, it is clear that the metaverse is the destination all crypto projects are gunning for.

Several projects have already begun the adventure of settling down in the space and becoming one of the first to pitch their communities in the virtual world. H&M has now joined such a list.

Over to the metaverse

Hennes & Mauritz, popularly known asH&M, is one of the most well-known fashion labels globally and has now made history as the first fashion brand to make its appearance in the blooming metaverse world.   In the metaverse, CEEK city, the Swedish fashion clothes company appears to have erected a new virtual store. It hopes to provide a shopping experience for its consumers by allowing them to explore CEEK’s virtual reality (VR) surroundings.

CEEK is a virtual reality metaverse recognized for its digital environments that connect users with musicians, sportsmen, and other virtual content producers. CEEK’s relationship with H&M will now add the aspect of shopping to the area, similar to how CEEK aims to provide a three-dimensional musical experience to its users.

An opportunity for virtual shopping

Furthermore, longtime followers of H&M will be able to visit the brand’s new metaverse store and shop.  They can pick their favorite goods and even buy them in the CEEK City metaverse. However, these purchased wears will only be compatible with the metaverse which means they will be virtual outfits for the gamers’ avatars and will have no real-life counterparts, at least for the time being.

The clothing brand has not shut the door to including such possibilities; later on, the reason why the decision not to have physical counterparts might only be temporal. 

 Customers of H&M may purchase apparel through the metaverse store and pick it up in real life from actual stores for usage in real life.

See how it works

CEEK announced the launch of the new store in a recent tweet it shared. The post also includes a video of a massive H&M store with massive glass walls and passageways lined with mannequins. A large assortment of H&M apparel can be seen in the store. Surprisingly, it even advertises several discounts right at the store’s entrance, including a buy three, get one free deal and a savings of up to 20% off.

Users will be able to browse this H&M store in CEEK city and purchase their favourite clothing with CEEK tokens. The metaverse built coin is based on Ethereum smart contracts and costs $0.7107 (about Rs 53).

Others will follow suit

For the time being, H&M’s entry into CEEK city is a unique experience, but soon, other ventures and clothing are expected to jump on the ship.  As the metaverse becomes more famous, more celebrities and corporations strive to align themselves with it. Nike tried something similar last month when it bought a virtual shoe business that creates NFTs and shoes.