Pompliano expects a 1420% bitcoin bull run by Dec 2021

Bob Coiney

April 21, 2020

The founder of Morgan Creek Digital Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano who is an influential figure in the cryptocurrency industry has suggested that considering the present global economic climate Bitcoin will surely get a boost that will push bitcoin to its zenith. He said in an interview on a popular Youtube channel Tech with Catalina that he is expecting bitcoin to experience a huge 1420% bull run.

In the interview, he also spoke about several aspects that also includes DeFi or Decentralized finance or halving wherein Bitcoin’s block subsidy gets cut into half. He also spoke about the future prospects of the US digital dollar and what is expected of its performance.

But the highlight of the interview were his opinions and thoughts on the future price of bitcoin. He believes that the current dismal economic climate along with Bitcoin halving will be a guide point towards a Bitcoin bull run.

In another fresh run of hope, it was also reported that Americans are indeed buying crypto with their economic stimulus package. The US government has already started providing $1200 stimulus checks to those who are eligible. It has been observed that an increasing number of American citizens have resorted to trust and invest in Crypto giving it a push. The Bitcoin halving event which is expected to take place in about a month will result in Bitcoin price reaching an inflection point.

The halving of bitcoin will guide the supply such that it will become half of what is being traded but according to the Stock-to-flow model the price could increase manifold. Pompliano has suggested that it could rally by a gigantic 1420% to $100,000. 

The bullish sentiment guided by Bitcoin could be a driving factor in the increase in the price of Bitcoin. Pompliano also said that the increase will be cumulative at the beginning which will later become more material. The prediction to $100,000 could be achieved by December 2021 within the first 18 months after bitcoin halving.

The Bitcoin halving with US quantitative easing will drive the Bitcoin price as expected by Pompliano and also many others in the crypto industry. 

Image Source – SOMAG News