Polygame – The future of Gaming, NFT, and Fan Tokens

Polygame NFT Gaming

Bob Coiney

April 7, 2022

There is no doubt that the NFT and gaming industry are two of the most rapidly developing avenues in the blockchain space because of their reliability and mass adoption among the massive community of gamers and creators. Among this growing craze, there has been active participation from several blockchain projects with unique utility. 

One of the projects that can potentially change the future of gaming, NFT, and fan tokens is Polygame. Polygame is a mobile game streaming, NFT, and fan token exchange provider that operates through its three pillars. 

The Immersive Polygame Ecosystem

Polygame allows gamers to create and trade NFTs and fan tokens while interacting with creators and fans in real-time. The ecosystem is fueled by the PGEM token that allows users to donate, subscribe to streams of their favorite gamers, get exclusive discounts, participate in and host tournaments, purchase in-app stickers and gifts, and get exclusive access to NFTs. 

The Polygame IDO for $PGEM is already live on DaoStarter and the whitelisting has been closed. Here are the details for the IDO. 

Sale Date – 6th – 8th April

Pool Allocation – $50,000

Currency –  $USDT

Min Investment – $100 

Max Investment – $4,000

IDO Price – $0.1

Sale Network – BSC Network

Token Network – Polygon Network

The PGEM token plays a crucial role in the development of the Polygame ecosystem and has robust utility. It helps to incentivize engagement, promote ecosystem growth and facilitate Fan Token offerings. 

Apart from the PGEM token, Polygame Ecosystem relies on these three products;

Polygame Streaming

While several phones can download pre-recorded videos, Polygame enables streaming of these videos in real-time with a twist of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

Fan Tokens

Fan tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that is unique to the brand, player or community and will enable community participation.

Polygame NFTs

NFTs are all the hype right now, and Polygame allows users to become a part of the NFT gaming industry with their unique NFTs. 

While Fan Tokens and Polygame NFTs will be launched soon, Polygame streaming is already live. Users can watch their favorite gamers play games such as FreeFire, PUBG Mobile, Valorant, Tactics, Teamfight, and Wild Rift in real-time. 

Polgame has been moving up the ladder and has been making several strategic partnerships with interesting projects such as 5ire Capital and SupraOracles. 

To learn more about Polygame and become a part of its growing ecosystem, visit https://polygame.io/