China’s LD Capital recently said that they are launching a $10 Million Polkadot ecosystem fund. The announcement comes in the wake of a partnership between Moonstake and RockX on Polkadot.

A news publication on beincrypto stated that Moonstake is having a partnership with RockX on Polkadot. Polkadot’s Rococo V1 project was successful on the Plasm Network sidechain and connected with the locals too. 

LD Capital feels that Polkadot and the working environment is good for expansion. Using the progress, Polkadot is having a sublime run in the week. The announcement was tweeted by China’s LD Capital on January 21.

The $10 Million Polkadot fund will be used in capital support, development advisory, community building, and marketing for early projects. These activities will be focused on Polkadot. 

The China organization is set the fund at $10 million. ?? ?????? is a trader in the crypto market since the last bear market had this to tweek on Moonstake and RockX announce a partnership focused on $DOT.

As China’s oldest venture capital firms, LD Capital has its focus on blockchain technology. Earlier, they had invested in Vechain, Qtum, and Eos. Crunchbase was founded in the year 2017. On January 22nd, Kyle Chassé, the CEO of PAID Network, had tweeted about the Plasm Network getting in partner with Rococo v1.

He said that they are happy to have Polkadot test net, Rocco. They are actively working on ensuring that our integration with Plasm is embedded for being able to deliver interoperability, bleeding edge tech, and scalability.

This is in conjunction with the Polkadot testnet. For Plasm, having a sidechain on Polkadot is significant. That enables them to work sublimely on PAID project. BeInCrypto reported on January 20th Moonstake, a staking company, and RockX, a digital assets platform announced a partnership on Polkadot. 

RockX is working in Polkadot in there, technical support besides a $20 million program. Polkadot’s DOT token had replaced XRP Ripple Lab in the month of January, becoming the fourth-largest cryptocurrency.

That was because of Polkadot surge in popularity and regulatory problems faced by Ripple.