Every day millions of photos are shared on the internet. However, most of them are shared without due credits and permission. Social media is a wormhole of theft as no one can be held accountable. While it’s an ideal platform to network with like-minded people, it is not well-suited for showcasing exclusive pictures.

Picnab provides an efficient solution in the form of an NFT marketplace that not only creates better opportunities for photographers to sell their work but also secures photos using NFTs. 

NFT technology has become increasingly popular in a short amount of time because of its several use cases. They are assigned to a digital or physical item which is then registered onto the blockchain. Once registered, the data cannot be modified, which is a perfect solution to take ownership of an object permanently. 

How does Picnab utilize NFTs?

Picnab is built on blockchain technology and is powered by NFTs. The platform assigns every photo or artwork with an individual NFT which contains information such as the date of creation, original artists, and every transaction detail. It is digital copyright with the addition of being permanent and readily accessible. 

Every time a photographer or an artist uploads their exclusive content on Picnab, they are assigned an NFT. They can use this NFT to sell the artwork in a global marketplace or allow the users to download its copies. The copies are free to download but at the same time, reward the artist with the PIC token. The PIC token is a reward token by Picnab which can be traded or yielded for monetary benefits. 

Every time Picnab’s user downloads a photo, the artist gets a corresponding PIC token. The users can use the photo for personal or commercial use without having to mention the artist. This mechanism creates a perfect win-win situation for both the photographer and the artist. 

NFTs have shown a lot of potential in the betterment of various industries. Picnab is one of the first platforms to use NFTs in the digital photography industry and make the world better for photographers.