Peter Thiel’s thoughts on tech (via @eriktorenberg)


June 6, 2018

Peter Thiel previously said this on Bitcoin:

“I would be long bitcoin, and neutral to skeptical of just about everything else at this point with a few possible exceptions,” Thiel said during a conversation Thursday at the Economic Club of New York. “There will be one online equivalent to gold, and the one you’d bet on would be the biggest.

“It’s sort of hedge of sorts against the whole world falling apart.”

Interesting twitter thread today from @eriktorenberg summarizing Peter Thiel’s worldview.

The last bit is of particular interest. Before change happens, we must first realize that the current state of things is unsustainable. Centralized fiat currencies worked a while but its clearly time to look for new solutions.


But hey, it’s not like current legacy institutions are gonna fail any time soon…amirite? Liberals stand up.

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