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Scallop Completes $100k Presale for MahaDAO holders

  • Scallop is the World’s First DeFi banking platform
  • Raised $100k in exclusive presale for MahaDAO community members
  • Entire allocation filled by the community – bot free
  • Community centric approach

 Scallop, the DeFi banking platform, recently announced an exclusive first-of-its-kind presale for the MahaDAO community members. . In a first for crypto, Scallop offered the MahaDAO community the chance to purchase its utility token, SCLP, in a private sale – with the same terms and vesting schedules as its venture capital and angel investors. 

The presale commenced on the 7th, September 2021. Scallop built a clean, user-friendly interface to conduct the sale, within only 3 days. The interface automatically tracked users’ MAHA token balances (a requirement for the sale to ensure priority for the MahaDAO community), entailed a KYC form, and facilitated funds in USDT/USDC from the community. The presale was available on either the Ethereum or Polygon Networks.

Extraordinarily, the target of $100K allocation was reached in just 30 minutes, following remarkable interest. The allocation was filled entirely by the MahaDAO community as Scallop conducted the whole presale on their interface without any involvement from bots. More than 80 MahaDAO community members participated in the presale at the same price and terms as private sale investors. 

Scallop is the World’s First DeFi banking platform, incubated by MahaDAO. It is a one-stop solution for banking and crypto services. It bridges the fiat and digital asset worlds by providing a seamless interface that houses both under a single roof. This allows users to use both fiat and crypto on a single platform and reduces the need for multiple applications e.g. traditional banks, exchanges, wallet providers. Scallop will offer regulated and insured banking accounts for fiat; as well as digital wallets and banking-grade hardware wallets for digital assets.

Scallop will launch its banking products in Q4 this year and the token is expected to launch prior to that time. Announcements will be made in the Scallop Telegram Channel, as well as on the Scallop Twitter page.

DIFX-io launches Spot Trading Exchange

Singapore, September 8th, 2021 – DIFX launches its spot trading exchange equipped with platform’s robust features such as User-Friendly Interface, Dedicated Support with AI-based query Resolution Bots, Dedicated Cloud Servers, Proper Security Audits, Token vetting and pre-screening, Price uniformity, and wide bandwidth for transactions.

DIFX, a blockchain-based crypto exchange platform, has developed a solution for all the problems and brings significant and long-lasting disruptive alternatives to trading financial products. It is the first fully-insured cross-asset trading platform that connects brokers, individuals, and corporations while solving real-world payment problems.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, the only way to diversify a digital portfolio is by trading on exchanges. However, in the current scenario, most of the trading platforms rely on outdated security mechanisms and offer a poor user interface paired with high trading fees, making them an unavailable option for regular traders.

With the launch of the Spot Trading Exchange, DIFX will offer spot trading where traders can simply invest and trade. A trader can acquire several assets from the DIFX Spot Trading Exchange by using another digital or fiat asset.

DIFX’s Spot Trading exchange will operate similarly to any other exchange but with the additional benefits of the robust architecture of DIFX. With the addition of the exchange platform, DIFX will become a one-stop solution for all trading and investing needs.

Apart from that, the spot trading exchange will also utilize DIFX’s hybrid working model of centralized and decentralized exchange that incorporates atomic swaps using Blockchain Technology.

Moreover, DIFX operates under European data protection laws and its self-imposed Code of Ethics. Under this code of ethics, DIFX ensures the best protection against losses, complete transparency, and community involvement in the decision-making processes. DIFX also vets and verify traders before carrying out transactions on the platform to ensure security and safety, unlike other CEX’s.

About DIFX

DIFX is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that introduces a long-lasting disruptive alternative to sub-par trading platforms. DIFX promotes high-level margin trading with meager latency rates and corresponding APIs. DIFX includes a wide comprehensive ecosystem with several trading features, making it a one-stop solution for all trading requirements.

Some of the features that DIFX offers are. Exchange Platform, Liquidity Provider, Institutional Desk, Leveraged Trading, Custodian Services, Insured Crypto Wallet (For iOS & Android- Coming Soon), and Spot Trading Exchange.

Using these services, DIFX has developed a new financial order and offers direct settlements between payer and receiver that help millions of unbanked individuals to use digital currencies in day-to-day life.

Visit the DIFX spot exchange here.

The unlocking of the much-awaited DYDX token

The popular on-chain trading platform, DYDX, is finally unlocking its governance token, which was released a month ago. In August, DYDX announced the launch of its governance token and awarded the users who interacted with the protocol before July 26th, 2021, were rewarded with airdrops of the token. 

So, while the tokens were claimable a month ago, they could not be transferred until today. This strategy used by dydx helped the exchange to increase the demand for the token, which in turn increased its price. 

Also, the company offered several rewards for early token holders, such as trading fee discounts and yield in exchange for securing the protocol that added to the lure of the token. Earlier, only users who met the criteria were eligible to purchase and hold the token, which created a feeling of FOMO throughout the community, which will finally be satiated today. 

What is a DYDX token?

DYDX token is a governance token that allows the native community to govern the Layer 2 protocol. dydx distributed the control of the protocol to the traders, liquidity providers, and partners using DYDX token to enhance its protocol and enable a robust ecosystem around governance, rewards, and staking. 

“Our team has actively been researching how best to decentralize the protocol over time. Decentralization will be a gradual process that could ultimately result in a DAO [decentralized autonomous organization] to govern the community,” told the founder Antonio Juliano.

The governance token will be elemental in deciding the protocol’s future as the token holders will be able to vote on proposals of adding new features.

DYDX is a revolutionary exchange that allows the trading of perpetual contracts with low fees, deep liquidity, and up to 25 times buying power. The Layer 2 solution of dydx helps the platform offer low fees, zero gas costs, quick transactions, fast withdrawals, a mobile-friendly interface, secure and private API, and cross-margining abilities. 

The unlocking of the DYDX token is already generating huge hype on Twitter with prominent crypto enthusiasts such as  ElderberryLind tweeting their excitement about the token and Zhu Su retweeting it. 

Following the unlocking of the DYDX token, current token holders can trade their tokens at a higher price, with the traders looking to get DYDX tokens and make a quick profit. The 36 days waiting period has helped the exchange boost the cost of the token significantly, but now the wait is finally over. Learn more about the DYDX token and the exchange at https://dydx.exchange/


The Tourism Based Blockchain industry is Buzzing!

Blockchain has taken over several industries to optimize their underlying architecture and create faster and more rewarding opportunities for the users. One of the areas in desperate need of attention is the tourism industry that suffered heavily because of outdated technology and intermediaries that charged hefty fees to connect consumers with service providers. 

Bali Social Integrated has emerged as a true winner as a blockchain-based tourism platform. The platform aims to completely revolutionize the global tourism industry and create a more rewarding opportunity for travelers and local service providers. We have been closely following the development of this project as it shows immense potential and has taken all the proper steps. 

Here are a few quick notes to get you updated about what Bali Social Integrated has been up to. 

Listing on HotBit

$BSI token’s listing on Hotbit was a significant milestone for Bali Social Integrated and its community. Here are the details of HotBit listing of $BSI token,

Listing Date: September 3rd, 2021

Start of Deposit: September 3rd, 08:00 AM UTC

Start of Trading: September 3rd, 10:00 AM UTC

Initial Trading Pairs: $BSI / $USDT

Listing on Coinsbit

After the listing on Hotbit, Bali Social Integrated shows no plans of slowing down and is ready for another listing on Coinsbit, a reputed crypto exchange. Here are the details for the listing, 

Listing Date: September 10th, 2021

Start of Deposit: September 10th, 19.00 GMT +7

Start of Trading: September 10th, 21.00 GMT +7

Initial Trading Pairs:  BSI/USDT

$BSI Airdrop

Apart from that, Bali Social Integrated is also hosting a Gleam Campaign where the winners will receive $200 worth of $BSI tokens. Anyone can enter the competition by registering on the below link and become one of eight winners to become one of the firsts to get their hands on free $BSI tokens. 

Link to participate: https://t.co/mDYDHrcEkj?amp=1

Competition Closes: September 19th, 23:59 UTC

Total Winners: 8

Total Prize: $200 Worth $BSI tokens

$BSI token plays a crucial role in the Bali Social Integrated ecosystem as it partners with Viaje, the business line of Bali Social Integrated to allow travelers to use the token easily without any hidden transaction fee across the affiliated network of stores using Viaje Pay. 

Here is a chance to get your hands on the disruptive $BSI token and become a part of the active BSI community. 

FTX Launches Unique NFT Platform for Users

In the last 24hours, the NFT marketplace at OpenSea has been on a rough tear. Etherscan block explorers confirm that the primary smart contract of OpenSea has consumed more gas than any other on Ethereum.

As it stands, some strange things are going on in OpenSea, and it’s leaving many people in panic. It appears that Ethereum wallets are canceling orders at an alarming rate on the NFT marketplace, and this has affected more than a quarter of the last 1000 transactions. This has affected the OpenSea contract.

The suggested possible explanation for the recent cancellations can be traced to bots.

The NFT marketplace users are left confused about what is happening and in dire need of an explanation of their fate. Opensea is getting lower prices as the Bots beat them down and cancel bids once accepted before execution.

Amid the panic, FTX presents itself as a way out for Opensea users.

FTX is a marketplace launched for trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Several NFTs are already listed on the FXT market, hosted on the FTX exchange and the FTX.US exchange websites.

One of the NFTs on the new FTX marketplace is “SBF Lunch,” which is redeemable for an in-person lunch or 30-minute Zoom call with FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. The highest bid for the NFT at the time of writing was $100,000. 

Other NFTs available on the marketplace include FTX and FTX.US branded caps, hoodies, t-shirts, and socks. Several third parties have also listed NFTs.

These tokens appear to be based on Solana and Ethereum. Block explorers for both platforms are available to view on the platform.

Users of the marketplace will be able to buy, sell, and hold NFTs. They will also “soon” be able to withdraw the tokens to their wallets, according to a statement on FTX’s website. FTX will charge a 5% fee to both buyers and sellers of NFTs.

FTX is the latest crypto exchange to enter the NFTs space. In April, crypto exchange Binance said it would launch an NFT marketplace in June. Recently, Binance-owned Indian crypto exchange WazirX and South Korea’s Korbit crypto exchange also launched NFT platforms.

FXT announced that it’s the platform will be open to US and Non – US users. An additional perk is that it will be a cross-chain between Ethereum and Solana blockchain. 

In recent weeks, however, the NFT activity has declined. Weekly NFT trading volumes, weekly users, as well as transactions of NFT platforms are all down, according to The Block Research. The latest announcement from FXT promises to be a major boost for the NFT ecosystem.