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Improving Passive Income with Dolphin

One of the reasons behind cryptocurrency’s popularity is the passive income it helps to generate. Investors do not have to worry about making daily trades or continuously monitoring the prices to ensure a good income. Its decentralized nature makes it a superior choice over the traditional method of investing, which involves corrupt activities, intermediaries, and so on. 

One of the platforms that solely focus on improving passive income generated using crypto assets is Dolphin. Dolphin is a governance token of CoinDolph, a crypto market that provides detailed information about several crypto assets. The governance token takes a multi-purpose approach in ensuring optimized passive income. 

What is Dolphin?

Dolphin ($DLP) is a highly advanced governance token that offers several benefits to the token holders. It is developed to ensure that the holders receive the maximum advantage without worrying about the much-feared crypto volatility. Token holders will be privy to features such as:

  • Passive Income: Games, Real Product
  • Passive Income: %8 of the tax will go to holders, helping them earn BNB while holding $DLP. 
  • Strong Liquidity: To make the liquidity pool less volatile, %2 of the tax is added to the pool. 
  • BuyBack: %3 of the tax collected in an address as BNB to promote daily buybacks and avoid dumps. 
  • Marketing: Dolphin offers robust marketing services and uses a 2% tax from transactions to store in the marketing budget. 
  • CoinDolph: CoinDolph offers easy-to-use mobile apps to avoid the need for several apps. 


CoinDolph is a futuristic multi-tool solution for all crypto-related needs such as news, analytics, decentralized trading, mining and limit orders. The company aims to become the top contender in the crypto space by offering the best solutions and services. 

CoinDolph, apart from Dolphin, offers a variety of tools such as:

  • DolphObserver: Cryptocurrency current prices, market overview, and analysis
  • DolphSwap: Decentralized exchange
  • Limit Orders: Stop-loss functions
  • New Coins Research & News
  • CoinDolph Mobile
  • $DLP Mining Station
  • Mobile Portfolio
  • Mobile Games

CoinDolph has a wide range of features that makes it a strong contender in the industry. However, its passive income optimization using the Dolphin is one of the best use cases of the ecosystem and can help token holders generate great results. 

The token is live on BSC and can be purchased using TrustWallet and Metamask

Blockchained India, Zilliqa and Blocumen Studios to Kickstart the Third Cohort of “100 Days of Code Demo Day” Program

Blockchained India, in association with Zilliqa and Blocumen Studios, set for the Demo Day of the third cohort of their “100 Days of Code” program.

100 Days of Code Demo Day, a 100-day virtual event organized by industry-leading minds, The event was launched by Blockchained India, an online learning platform focused on educating aspiring founders and developers about blockchain programming skills using collaborative learning approach. 

While Blockchain has been widely recognized as one of the most disruptive technologies of this decade, Blockchain programming as a skill is as vague as IoT. Programmers and developers are the lifelines of the blockchain ecosystem. However, the barriers to entry of new programmers and developers need to be reduced with some learning programs. It is for this very reason that Blockchained India has introduced its “100 Days of Code Demo Day” Program to help aspiring developers and programmers learn blockchain and to promote the adoption of the technology. 

With the vision to enlighten more people about Blockchain technology its technicalities. Blockchain Programming is one of the most demanded skills globally today and considering aspiring developers are trying to gain expertise in this area however the route to learning is not that straightforward hence needs a new approach where they can learn and understand the actual implementation process and what else could be better than the community based learning in the time of corona!

The first cohort of the 100 Days of Code Demo Day ‘ Program launched in April 2020, proved to be a huge hit, following which they launched their second cohort in October, which also got huge traction. On the Demo day, the participants will get a chance to present their ideas to the juries which consist of global thought leaders, and win grants to bring their ideas to fruition. 

The virtual event will cover everything related to the emerging trends in the blockchain world. The Industry experts will be sharing their experience and journey behind their projects and during the process, the participants will get inspired by the Awesome aspects and possibilities of blockchain technology. As the event is mainly focused on aspiring entrepreneurs to help them kickstart the next big innovation using blockchain development skills. While we’re talking about the success of the event, why not hear it out from the community itself: 

Devendra can’t stop thanking,

“I would like to thank organizers for thorough and well-organized training. The material was very detailed, informative and the discussions were truly inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the projects/assignments, which made the content easily understandable and also led me into the understanding of certain technical concepts which I was new to”.

Sai Laxman says,

“Please thank on my behalf everyone who was involved in the preparation and execution of the training. You have all done a wonderful job. I look forward to attending future training given the opportunity.”

Crypto News Discovery Platform For Real-Time Updates To Investors

The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is among the most growing markets, with millions of traders, users, and investors actively keeping a tap on every update. The Volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market makes the investors and traders always restless and checking various sources to keep themselves aware of the happenings in the market. Like any financial market, the crypto market is also prone to react to the news. Suppose there’s some positive adoption or achievement. In that case, the entire cryptocurrency market turns green. In contrast to this, any negative update including regulation, ban, tweets, flash attacks, hacks, scams, and security breaches.

It’s tough to stay updated with everything happening in the cryptoverse. When there are thousands of cryptocurrencies and people having diverse holdings, it is hard to keep track of everything happening with one particular crypto asset. 

The quest for a crypto news platform eventually led to the pursuit of an ever-better customized platform covering everything about crypto. BlockTales has emerged to provide the most accurate information to help traders make the best choices whilst avoiding mistakes.

Community Driven Smart News Discovery Platform

BlockTales is a news discovery platform for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The much-celebrated platform will also embed AI and ML algorithm-based mechanisms that will provide users with customized alerts. It helps investors choose the best option available in real-time to avoid major losses by missing out on the updates and avoiding dangerous mistakes. 

The benefits offered by BlockTales includes: 

  • AI/ML Powered Quick Updates: This is one of the unique features that will be offered by the News platform helping users access the latest bytes.
  • One-click: With BlockTales, users can aggregate everything in one place in just a click. Users can perform research on any coin/NFT or Defi and get everything in one place.
  • Real-time Engagement: A real-time engagement feed where users can discuss and debate with other users.
  • Intelligent advisory from top global influencers: What else can be better than this? Advisory from top global influencers can help anyone make more concrete and profitable choices.

BlockTales is the World’s First Community-Driven Smart News Discovery Platform! To revolutionize the way users perceive cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DeFi investment, BlockTales uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for accurate and real-time updates to users that can be instrumental for them to stay profitable and on top of everything.

EthereumCum – An exciting crypto project for the Adult entertainment industry

Cryptocurrency is spreading its wings wide enough to include industries we never thought would be a part of!

One of the largest industries, the adult entertainment industry has integrated with cryptos and how! We are here to talk about a unique project EthereumCum, that pioneers the efforts by bridging the gap between the adult entertainment community tokens and the much-known foundational coins of the crypto world. EthereumCum is growing and it’s growing fast!

What it offers

EthereumCum has propagated an ERC-20 token eCum that has a total supply of 200 Billion. It is a yield-based token that provides a 2% transaction fee back into the liquidity pool. EthereumCum has already presented a token application for Etherescan that is to go live soon. It also plans to link its social channels to DexTools. This will help our token realize its full potential with a listing exposure on CMC and CoinGecko. 

A major refurbishing of the token design also will take place in tandem with the latest trends. Very soon EthereumCum will also launch something called eCumNFT, an NFT( Naughty Fuckable Token) marketplace. Users can pay in $eCum to view their favorite model’s NFT even when they don’t own it. Monetization of NFTs has also been taken care of as the owners of the token can take home a certain percentage of the payment for the view. 

EthereumCum – the future!

The project is a hardcore crypto project with adult entertainment as its USP. It posits as an autonomous adult DeFi community that will give eCum token holders financial liberty by having control over their digital assets. It is an all-encompassing platform that has something for everyone including community perks, holder rewards, great investment avenues,s and much more. eCum is already gaining pace in terms of popularity and is on its way to lead the adult entertainment ecosystem in the DeFi space. The platform will charge a 2% fee for swapping tokens which will ultimately be split by LPs in sync with their contribution to the reserves. 

Since the industry is all about experience, EthereumCum will also offer VIP experiences and privileges in different entertainment brands, events, etc. 

You can follow them on their Twitter handle and even better, get to know the platform better by participating in interesting conversations on their official Telegram. 

This is getting better and better!


MicroStrategy plans to sell $1 Billion in Stocks to Buy Bitcoin

With cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins becoming the go-to investment for individuals and enterprises all over the world, it doesn’t come as a surprise that MicroStrategy, a cloud software firm, plans to invest in Bitcoin.

The company recently released a filing paired with a tweet from the CEO, Michael Saylor indicating the company plans to sell $1 Billion worth of stock and use the capital to invest in Bitcoin. MicroStrategy filed paperwork with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for the public sale of class A common stock on an Open Market Sale Agreement. According to this agreement, the company can choose to sell its stock in a gradual manner according to its requirements.

The filing further mentioned, “We intend to use the net proceeds from the sale of any class A common stock offered under this prospectus for general corporate purposes, including the acquisition of bitcoin,”

Although the company hasn’t clearly said that they will use the money to buy cryptocurrencies, it can be expected as Michael Saylor, the CEO, has shown tremendous interest in Bitcoin since last year. The company currently owns $3.7 Billion worth of Bitcoin that amounts to the majority of its treasury. Recently the company sold $500 Million in corporate debt to add the amount to the total value. 

“The concentration of our bitcoin holdings enhances the risks inherent in our bitcoin acquisition strategy,” it writes, adding: “Servicing our debt will require a significant amount of cash, and we may not have sufficient cash flow from our business to pay our indebtedness.”

However, this decision wasn’t received without flak as every company faces risks. But MicroStrategy has been prevailing well so far and has seen quite a profit regardless of the recent fluctuations in Bitcoin. 

“Our bitcoin holdings are less liquid than our existing cash and cash equivalents and may not be able to serve as a source of liquidity for us to the same extent as cash and cash equivalents,” it wrote.

This statement, however, asks a new question, that if MicroStrategy is selling all their stocks to buy cryptos, how will they manage the cash flow?