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December 24, 2017

Online Cryptocurrency Resources we Recommend

Trusting online resources can be a daunting task. How do you know that site is really legit? With this resource we sift through the crap and provide you with reliable cryptocurrency and blockchain resources. Here is a list of online cryptocurrency resources that will help you keep track of and research different topics in the crypto space:



The best site to begin researching any project, new or old, in crypto. They show total market capitalization, price (in USD or BTC terms), daily volume, circulating coin supply and price change as well as other historical metrics for every notable coin in crypto. One of if not the most used website for quickly referencing quick coin and token metrics. Possibly the most important online cryptocurrency resource out there.

Live Coin Watch

LiveCoinWatch Crypto Market Cap

New kid to the block, Live Coin Watch provides your with an alternative to the monopoly Coinmarketcap has. Live Coin Watch has a much more modern design and feel and a host of features to help you analyze the market. Provides ALL the data points you’ll need to properly research any relevant project in crypto and then some. It even allows you to switch the Korean markets on or off. Nifty, right?


A huge forum where everything in the crypto world is announced and discussed. This is an indispensable resource for researching any project or current event related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. Do not let the Forum nature decieve you, this is a mine of knowledge. 

Coinigy and Trading View (Subscription services)

Trading View tool

The two most used platforms by traders for technical analysis tools and indicators. If you are serious about trading these are must have cryptocurrency resourcse. Both services offer a free trial period of 30 days. Check it out, see if it’s your thang.

OCFX Crypto resources

A traders dream site. Allows users to visualize and filter through any type of crypto data you can think of. Highly recommended.

ICO Whitelists


Tracks new projects (ICOs) with newsletter alerts for whitelist (signing up to be an early investor) deadlines as well as tracking the number of members that each project has in their telegram channel (updated every 15 minutes) and other relevant information. Very useful to get an idea of the market sentiment for a recently announced project. 

Token Data

Token data

Tracks ICO data for past, ongoing and future ICOs. It includes price and a calendar feature. Great way to know what the original ICO price was for a token before investing in it. 

Ian Balina

Ian does in depth project analysis for upcoming ICOs. Very insightful on what is driving the crypto markets (though he is a bit or a primadona these days). He uses both data analysis and fundamental analysis as well as speaking to team members to rate projects. The most relevant cryptocurrency resource for people interested in becoming ICO investors as well as a great way to learn about new projects.


Relatively new to the space Coin360 brings users a visual representation of the cryptocurrency universe. It’s a great tool to get a general feeling of the crypto space’s mood. You can zoom in and double click tickers for more details and apply filters.


A resources that tracks cryptocurrencies that have Masternodes online. It provides you many data points such as price of the coin, number of nodes, required amount of coins to stake, and Return on Investment. Be careful though lot’s of these high ROI masternode coins are people staking and instadumping. If you don’t know what a Masternode is, check out our guide.

Masters of Crypto Forum

For crypto discussions, Masters of Crypto is a growing cryptocurrency forum that focuses on helpful information for both beginner and advanced investors. They have over 2,500 members and 20,686 discussions.


One of the most important resources for anyone interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain. For an up to date list of our recommended twitter follows go to crypto twitter guide and online cryptocurrency resources. 

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