Online Businesses Can Now Receive Payments in Crypto With BitFinex Pay

Bob Coiney

March 5, 2021

Bitfinex is a state-of-the-art trading platform and offers advanced tools for cryptocurrency investors, It has now brought more cheer to the crypto enthusiasts  as the firm announced launch of a unique payment platform called “Bitfinex Pay.” It is a simple, fast, and secure payment gateway application that enables the business to accept payment in crypto from customers.

Use Bitfinex Pay to make Online purchases through your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Other Cryptos.

The businesses would not require a different payment infrastructure. It is easy to integrate Bitfinex pay with the existing platform, and a customer can pay through cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightning Network BTC, Tether, or any other. Bitfinex will not charge any processing fee or transaction charge for facilitating transactions. Merchants and customers will have to bear the cost—it a tremendous financial gesture by the company in the right direction. Merchant will get a good customer base and increased business prospects, whereas customers will use their parked crypto to buy essential and nonessential purchases.

The process of registration is super easy. A merchant needs to sign up at Bitfinex account by putting the required information. After Verification of the account details and they must set up a new sub-account. Next, they need to create an API key that will work as a bridge and authentication points. After making the orders through API. Payment status confirmation is also verified via API endpoint Webhook.  The received payment gets deposited into the sub-account. And  Users can see the statement anytime and anywhere by logging in through your Bitfinex ID and password.

The customers must click the “Bitfinex Pay” button on the merchant website. The page goes to the Bitfinex website, and payment is made after authorization. Experts argue that this is a masterstroke by the company and will bring more enthusiasm into crypto. It has the potential to challenge the traditional paper and online system. It’s like a growth stimulator for different stakeholders like merchants, customers, investors, and others. Crypto will touch on new heights in the coming days due to this positive news.