Northern Bitcoin Enters New Phase of Growth

Bob Coiney

August 13, 2018

As a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrency, Northern Bitcoin, based out of Frankfurt, Germany, specializes in the eco-friendly Bitcoin mining. The company’s goal is to challenge the current methods used for Bitcoin mining by creating sustainable infrastructure and offering it to the blockchain ecosystem.

Northern Bitcoin Invites External Miners To Their Pools

For this, Northern Bitcoin runs a mining pool from a 100% eco-friendly facility located in Norway, The network is designed to allow its users to contribute to the mining of Bitcoin, which is then redistributed amongst its miners.

Since the end of June, the company has been running their self-developed mining pool out of Maloy, Norway, but as of this month, they are looking to open their pools to external miners. In other words, miners from all over the world will now be able to contribute to mining Bitcoin through the company.

Moritz Jäger, CTO of Northern Bitcoin AG, says,

“Miners will be able to participate in the Northern Bitcoin mining pool in a variety of ways. They can either contribute computing power or even their own hardware when it exceeds a certain size. In this way, we will benefit from the company’s growth, and from the fact that we will receive fees from the external miners for making our mining pool infrastructure available to them.”

Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining

The company’s mining hardware is located nearly 200 kilometers north of Bergen, Norway in an underground facility housed in the Lefdale Mine.

Once a highly productive olivine mine, the site has now been converted into a state-of-the-art data facility. Furthermore, the facility only uses electricity from renewable energy sources rendering the company’s operations 100% eco-friendly. The power is taken from solar and wind energy, while a neighboring fjord provides ice-cold water that helps cool down the facility.

Aside from keeping their hardware cool, having the facility located underground also protects its equipment and machinery from electromagnetic interference which could potentially cause their systems to malfunction.

Remember folks, Crypto is comin!

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