NFTs are buzzing!

Bob Coiney

June 4, 2021

NFTs are buzzing! 

NFTs are all the hype right now, and everyone wants to be a part of it. Several entities already leveraged the early-bird access to join the NFT community, but others are starting to realize the potential. As they say, it’s never too late, and that’s what Sotheby, Playboy, and other companies believe. 


Starting with Playboy, the entertainment and lifestyle magazine famous for its quirky approach, among other things, decided to join the NFT race and launch its first NFT collection. The NFT collection includes five animated NFTs that will be launched on a new NFT marketplace Raretoshi. 

Playboy unveiled the NFTs at the 2021 Bitcoin Miami Conference on June 3. All of the NFTs are one-of-one editions and include:

  • Three Miami-themed animations.
  • A tokenized “bunny boarding pass.”
  • An animated magazine cover with a bunny logo covering a model.

Collectors have to bid for the collectibles using Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC), a type of asset pegged 1:1 with Bitcoin on Blockstream’s Liquid Sidechain where Raretoshi is built. The highest starting price of the bid is 5 L-BTC, which roughly amounts to $188,315 for the boarding pass, which will include a round-trip flight on the Big Bunny Jet anywhere in the U.S. for the collector and his ten guests.

Olympic Standard NFTs

The subsidiary of game developer Animoca Brands, The International Olympic Committee, has dropped a set of Olympic-themed tokenized NFT pins and a video game. The game will be launched as the lead-up to the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter games and help players win free Olympic NFT collectibles on winning the game.  

Intelligent NFTs

Sotheby’s art auction house plans to auction off the first-ever intelligent NFT (iNFT) and is accepting the bids till June 11. The one-of-one iNFT represents an ERC-721 tokenized female robot dubbed “Alice.” It is developed by Robert Alice in collaboration with robotics firm Alethea AI. 

The description of Alice on the project’s website “thefirstinft” says, “The first iNFT ever made, this iNFT stands at the genesis of a new medium. The collector will add to their collection this historic iNFT which will refine and develop based on their questions,” 

In other news, a Melbourne-based digital artist known as “Hipworth” on Twitter has created a one-of-one NFT collection. All the proceeds from the auction of the NFT will go towards Sydney’s Children’s Hospital. It is not the first and definitely not the last incident in which NFTs are being used for charity purposes.