New Crypto Saint Canonized: Twitter goes mental


February 8, 2018

A Saint is born

Quite often in the Cryptoverse someone storms onto the scene like a raging bull. Other times they flame out in such a glorious fashion we all get to watch and enjoy (*coughMcAfeecough*). But on occasion, once in a blue moon, a Crypto Saint is born. A person of such high regard and repute he need not speak to make you agree. A person who changes cryptocurrency market dynamics with a calm and eloquent sit down in capitol hill. A demanor so cool and  confident that even the most forlorn crypto bulls, deep in despair during this BTC correction, have turned their frowns upside down.

Who is this Crypto Saint? Why none other than Christopher Giancarlo, Chairman, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Whaaaaaaaat? Just watch this quick vid below to understand why:

Did he just say #HODL?

Yep. The Hon. J. Christopher Giancarlo just HODL’d a commission. Not just any commission: The Virtual Currencies: The Oversight Role of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Mouthful huh? HE JUST HODLd that commission! Just check how the crypto twitter space’s collective brains were blown out for their new, devout and holy crypto saint:

Hooray for crypto!

All joking aside it’s fantastic to see someone, a government person, not bashing bitcoin or mansplain to us how it can be used for fraud or criminal organisations, but about the potential the technology has. It’s refreshing. What other reason do you need for this turnaround in BTC? A new saint has been born on Feb 06. The market and twitter have spoken. Praise the seven!

Other things we learned from the comission (which are more important than HODL, but who cares):

  1. The SEC is going after ICOs, but
  2. ICOs done with a SWAFT agreement are prolly ok….prolly
  3. The SEC is going after the lawyers who enabled above ICOs (*Insert Lawyers deserve..blah.blah.blah stupid joke)
  4. BTC ETF…Kiss those dreams buh bye. For now
  5. The FBI is involved in analyzing stuff. But who cares the FBI has their hands full of MAGA
  6. US Congress could give the SEC of CFTC more power to reign in our wild wild west crypto party

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