New Climes of Golfing with LINKSDAO


Bob Coiney

February 1, 2022

The effulgence of the Metaverse into Blockchain Technology is quite astonishing knowing how it’s become a new game-changer within the space in quite a short time as it has onboarded giant tech merger companies worth billions of dollars, thereby creating a new narrative with their scope of operation/Modus operandi. The likes of Apple and Roblox can’t be excluded from this list. One of the most exciting utilities of blockchain technology and decentralized finance is brought along by LinksDAO. Without much emphasis, LinksDao has become the new game-changer within the Blockchain space.

Globally, the sports industry can’t successfully create indelible marks on the sand of time without placing Golf on its golden templates after football. Amongst its other invaluable impact, Golf as a unique sport goes the extra mile to define true sportsmanship and it’s on this premise that LinksDao holds its centers on the Blockchain technology space to become the new game-changer after Metaverse. LinksDAO is creating the modern golf and leisure club with a community of thousands of golf enthusiasts that come together to create one of the largest and greatest global golf clubs. Golf is a popular sport that originated in the early 1920s and has grown in popularity in the past few decades. 

Numbers are always interesting. 

During the last two years, the popularity of golf has increased tremendously and over 24.8 million people played golf in the US alone in 2020. Moreover, it has a significant economic impact as well with the total economic output of the golf industry in California passing the $15 billion mark. It is also projected that the revenue of golf courses will amount to approximately 24,7 billion U.S. Dollars by 2024.

In December 2020, the number of golf course users in Japan touched approximately 700 thousand people. Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, the number of golf course users in the last three months of 2020 experienced an increase.

In a bid to hold its center together, LinksDAO has smartly banked on its growing popularity by merging NFTs with the popular leisure sport. The project aims to establish a new era in golf by leveraging blockchain technology and establishing the presence of the sport in the crypto-verse. 


LinksDAO is a membership-based platform that, on New Year’s Eve 2021, dropped LinksDAO Membership NFTs. These NFTs gave the holder access to community access, governance, several perks and games in the future. These NFTs act as the key to unlocking membership at LinksDAO’s first golf and leisure club. 

Moreover, as Links is a DAO platform, it is governed by the community, and every NFT holder will have the following governance rights. 

  • Approval of LinksDAO functional operating committees
  • Physical club selection process and approval, as proposed by the relevant operating committee
  • Club rules, including culture, activities, design, and overall vision
  • Club membership rules and admissions policies
  • Marketing, partnerships, and sales

Moreover, apart from creating a global membership club for all golf enthusiasts, LinkDAO is also transparent about the usage of processes from the NFT sales. All the proceeds and net of taxes will be used by LinksDAO to, 

  • Chief DAO Officer and operational leadership, including course scouting, financial and acquisition planning
  • Product & engineering
  • DAO infrastructure setup and fees
  • Legal, compliance, and accounting
  • Marketing, partnerships, and sales
  • Community development
  • Further initiatives as approved by the DAO

LinksDAO is a membership-only club and is active on the Discord channel, where a global community of golfers and leisure enthusiasts of different skill levels connect and share their love for the sport. To learn more about LinksDAO, visit