New Adventure

Bob Coiney

April 28, 2020

Amber has been used in jewelry since antiquity. It is found chiefly along the southern shores of the Baltic Sea; pieces often contain the bodies of trapped insects. When rubbed, amber becomes charged with static electricity: the word electric is derived from the Greek word for amber.

When blockchain technology, with Bitcoin as the crowned king and Ethereum – the monarch of the public doom, both designed to become the instrument of liberty, have finally ended up as the extinct coniferous trees, the people that have placed their trust in it, were all left trapped in market’s greed.

As always, there were individuals with enough skills and audacity to use the situation as the tool of profit-making, thus despite the millions of broken fates, we now can observe a new wave of Crypto-Era Billionaires.

The ones who lost their savings, were not brain-dead, in fact, only the courageous ones invested their capital. Yet now we are indeed just like these insects, incapable to overcome the density of our manipulators.

But it only takes a few of those, who dare to take a dirty piece of rag, and wash away the dust, to show the Amber Light is still within the stone.

The Light of such will burn them out to the ashes. Manipulation of the grand scale will be demolished by collective fight. Let’s see how naked kings withstand the rise of fallen ones.


It all started when our team had the first taste of success. Like any group of young entrepreneurs, our little steps of adolescent risky practices have taught us to walk. Performing within the banking, gambling and social media marketing industries, the time has polished our hearts and finally engraved the stamp of mastery, after we found our way out of the lush forest of mistakes.

Such intro is nothing new, as with any team there will be a long path to follow, plenty of oversights to judge and a handful of questionable decisions. Yet experience and trust into each other, the only pair of coins that may worth the struggle.

Some of you might even remember, from what it all has started back then in early 2012. The time before all the blockchain endeavors, where the cutting-edge ideology enhanced mechanism of three famous letters, had honest launch blessing from his father. Adopters of such a strong movement will soon be graduated from the school of Darkest Arts. As the rest is history, it only needs a little push to finally seduce a thousand of youthful minds and let them wax the skill. The Era of Worldwide Financial Scams and Grand-Scale Ponzies will soon become the highest paid profession. Everyone will taste it, even we did. Back then it was the hardest lesson, to willingly manipulate and play with minds of people, yet profit was never our end-goal. We made it to the peak and by trading a bit of our own soul, we had the skill and capital to continue.


How can the man die better, than face the fearful odds, from the ashes of his fathers, for the temples of his gods. When you try it long enough, you will eventually succeed. Simple as that. The very first global adoption wave of Bitcoin started exactly by the time it was clear to him, that the plan, whatever it might be, can no longer be effective, if the financial core touches the fragile legal system of banks.

Nothing can be better, than years of experience polished gambling machine backed up with decentralized currency, that is impossible to break but so easy to manipulate through the phycology of its own users.

Satoshi will never be discovered, as the empty apartment of the mastermind will safely keep the secret hidden. And the long stick goes boom! From Russia to Indonesia, and then India, China, Africa… We not only watched the game inside out, but took a deep part in it, performing at our best, when technology required us to shine. We did believe at the Mission. And the Creator made an honesty as a single trade within the team. After a series of successful acts, more than a quarter of the whole crypto-currency market has vanished, hundreds of billions of dollars went somewhere, yet with such a blazing and efficient logistic, the hand of the Father was always clear to us. His name will surely be remembered, yet we will never know the fundament of his agendas. May his mad genius rest in peace.


The perfect timing of the decentralized sandbox, created by the young warm-hearted kid, will be played out by the pros, preemptively removing all the rules, as it was clear that the crowd deemed the fairytale of liberty. Unregulated crowdfunding madness will attract the swarm of scammers, when many, as we know by now, already killed their golden pray at action fields.

Leaving no psychological choice to any user for an early exit, Initial Coin Offering will break your spines. Tens of billions of dollars, all taken not from wallets of the wealthy ones, but cloud’s dark formation will find its source of little grains, the last one you have and ever will.

The dignity of the father’s instrument has always been within the clarity of risks, yet power-drunk ones have chosen killing spree, where black was set as white, and promise of the worldwide liberty was never intended.


It is always better to forget the pain. Yet scars remain intact, when voices of millions of people were asking: “How can it be? The promise made, It could have been all true…The world of liberty, and yes we did believe in everything you said, yet why the fault is ours?

The group of Newly Riches will soon try to create a second wave, and may display the green light trick again, responding:

“Please join us and start the entertainment, where you just may recover what was lost… Excuse me, what the loud cry is for? We really thought it was the fault of yours! Come enter our property of pain, this time we promise not to break your bones!” Would you obey again and play their game with hidden rules? Or we unite and fight them back? Come join!

First, we’ll collect what’s ours, then to demolish masquerade of fake and useless promises, while doing that along create a Unit Value, which fuel origin is based on their own greed.

Omega Star will grow be the Alpha, and name will stay as single instrument of Global Trade…

That is the plan, its time for us to make it.