NeoFI is Making Crypto Investment Easy for Users


Bob Coiney

November 19, 2021

Cryptocurrency, which was previously a fringe element of the financial world, is now becoming mainstream.

Millions of dollars are being made by artists selling “tokenized” digital creations. Crypto exchanges, like banks and insurers, are advertising on prime-time television, showing the wide range of acceptance it is gaining.

Despite the huge sum being made from the space, individual investors exploring crypto, on the other hand, are likely to encounter a universe that differs from that of traditional finance. During quick trading in assets supported merely by blocks of computer code, prices might move rapidly. 

The vast inconsistency in the market leaves new investors wondering which coin or asset to purchase and which would pose a huge risk to their investment. NeoFi, a crypto investment platform, has made it its challenge to help newbies with their investment and reduce financial risk.

Meet NeoFi

Abishek Kumar, an Oracle senior engineer, and Shiva, product management and marketing professional with Fintech experience in the banking and cryptocurrency sectors, launched NeoFi with the aim of helping crypto investors gain confidence and reduce the risk that comes with the volatile nature of the crypto market.

The NeoFi team is focusing on a three-pronged market strategy: partner with projects and funds; work with influencers, experts, and communities to launch branded baskets; and integrate their Fiat Gateway with global exchanges and fiat platforms to launch in multiple emerging markets with the help of Lester Lim of X21 Digital.

In essence, NeoFi offers a strong security architecture, round-the-clock assistance, and protection against hacks and rug pulls. As a result, crypto users may invest in NeoFi with ease and confidence.

Understanding the NeoFi Basket

NeoFi’s strategy is straightforward but revolutionary: users can invest in curated asset baskets using crypto or fiat currencies in approved countries. Baskets are cryptocurrency portfolios that are strategically weighted to represent a subject, strategy, or goal.

NeoFi baskets are based on Exchange Tokens, Launchpad Tokens, Blue-Chip Cryptocurrencies, and other similar concepts.

GameFi, NFTs, DeFi, and other market topics are examples.

For example, a research-based or algorithmic strategy or portfolios of fund managers, experts, and venture capitalists.

Individual investors can establish a diversified portfolio with just one click based on  NeoFi’s unique method. 

NeoFi Baskets is a cross between index funds and mutual funds, as well as Robo-advisors.

NeoFi believes that having a well-diversified portfolio shouldn’t require you to be a crypto expert, and this philosophy applies to their staking feature. NeoFi allows users to earn passive income by staking idle crypto assets across different protocols. Users will not have to navigate the numerous yield dashboards and protocols to get started, and there will be no price to stake or unstake.

$NEOFI Token

$NEOFI is NeoFi’s native token used for all transactions on the platform. Holders of the $NEOFI native token have access to system discounts, governance, high return staking, and other NeoFi ecosystem benefits. Since $NEOFI is a depreciating coin, a portion of the fee gets destroyed right away.

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