Mymeta MMO Builds NFT Lands on Metaverse.

Metaverse MMO My Meta

Bob Coiney

March 7, 2022

Several projects have been flocking to the metaverse recently as it’s gradually becoming a trend. However, the Use case and range of values that these projects propose to offer will prospectively boost her ecosystem to which end Mymeta has taken its spotlight on the Metaverse. 

My Meta Studio is a game development company that specializes in building creator-led metaverse with play-to-earn mechanics and a vision to integrate creator economies into their games to enable artists, musicians, and video producers, to create content and attach them to NFTs. Players who own those NFTs can enjoy the content in the game where the NFTs provide buffs to the land plots they are showcased on.

NFTs and the Future of Commercial Real Estate

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have made their way into many industries. As more and more of our lives move into the digital arena, how we buy and sell products are continually changing. Real estate is seeing its own shift toward blockchain with the creation of nonfungible tokens that represent physical properties. 

This technology is sure to have a dramatic impact on the future of commercial real estate even as it is slowly branching out to represent ownership of physical items in the real world, making them an excellent option for buying and selling real estate properties. With the prospects that Blockchain technology holds with Real Estate, the use of NFTs has served as a platform to severe many paperwork which makes transactions tedious. With an NFT, the transaction process is streamlined, allowing a buyer to assume ownership of a piece of real estate within minutes. 

Digital transactions are often susceptible to cyber fraud. However, by using blockchain and NFT technology, one can achieve higher levels of security and data integrity. This protects both buyers and sellers and makes it much easier to transfer assets without any problems. Buyers can borrow against NFT using decentralized finance (DeFi) or traditional finance (TradFi) products on the Blockchain.

Mymeta Games 

In a bid to keep growing its ecosystem into a more robust one, My Meta Studio is currently building four NFT games. First is a 3D MMORPG where players can create communities of Meta characters that farm, mine, fight, and breed. The second is a Minecraft network that fuses the most popular Minecraft game modes like Survival and Skyblock with powerful NFT mechanics. It is also building a Grand Theft Auto 5 RolePlay server where players can create their own stories and build NFT characters and finally, a minigames network where players can test fresh new games and help the team decide what to build into official releases. 

Mymeta and Real EstateWith all the above-listed NFT games the MyMeta project is building, it has further diversified into the Real Estate Sector. Within its Real Estate sector, MMO’s NFT land plots are set to feature the easiest, funniest, and most rewarding building mechanics of any metaverse to date. Being sure of the amiable structure it is set to build in the metaverse, the project has promisingly assured its users that the things they will be able to do with its Real Estate will be mind-blowing, further stating that NFT Real Estate is the online business of the future.