Music Icon, Kailash Kher Launches NFT on OpenSea

Bob Coiney

October 8, 2021

Cryptocurrency has proven to be a huge hit in India, as well as many other nations, with many citizens being involved in the blockchain business and some even making a job out of it.

NFTs are also not a foreign notion in the country, as several celebrities have issued them in order to generate cash. In addition, digital artists have been at the forefront of promoting NFTs. NFTs, give these artists the chance to profit from their talent while also keeping ownership of their work.

Non-fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are becoming increasingly popular. For example,  OpenSea, a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace, has recorded a significant spike in volume in recent weeks as more users continue to troop in and express their creativity, hoping to cash in on it. 

Kher launches his NFT

The latest public figure to launch his NFT on OpenSea is the Sufi King, Kailash Kher, a prolific Bollywood icon who has been in the music industry for over two decades. The 48-year-old is the latest Indian celebrity to embrace NFTs but his undoubtedly is miles above the rest.

A-One of a Kind NFT

Sufism inspired the Bollywood superstar to create a dreamscape of hues and sounds. His face was likewise etched in deep space, as his voice, with its beautiful and soulful timbre, perfectly represented the richness of the human experience. The song is a “clarion appeal to every person, to live a little more freely, fearlessly, and cheerfully,” according to the 48-year-old songwriter.

Kher’s NFT embodies his spirit and history as a Bollywood icon, but it’s also one of the first efforts by a Bollywood vocalist of his caliber, and it contains a strong message of hope and resilience. 

Hope and peace have become vital in the face of the global pandemic that is devouring the earth, bringing down systems, and generating fear worldwide.

Apart from spearheading the crypto revolution, Kher has established himself as a voice of optimism, reminding the world of humanity’s potential to be tenacious and strong in the face of adversity. Collectors may proudly possess a piece of Kher, who is unquestionably one of Asia’s most beloved thanks to his refreshing NFT.

Crypto Adoption Anticipated 

Kher’s NFT will undoubtedly prove to be a game-changer in the popularity of both cryptocurrency and NFTs in his country. The public does not view him as tech-savvy which makes it easier for them to pick an interest in the crypto space since he is widely seen as one of them.

Since the start of the year, there has been a viral spread in the awareness of the crypto space, and several countries have moved quickly to join the blockchain world and build their economies.

Due to the huge loss caused by the pandemic, the crypto industry has provided a way out for both individuals and governments to access funds for development and preservation. More people are making a living out of the crypto space, and it is anticipated that more participation will be witnessed in the coming weeks.