Masao Akimoto – “The NFT Guru”

masao akimoto

Bob Coiney

September 16, 2021

Experimenting in the crypto space is one of its biggest lures. Gone are the days when people were consigned to a particular role and could not experiment with other aspects of a project. In the crypto space, everyone can become anyone. 

For example, Masao Akimoto, the Co-founder of Inside Crypto Mag, a popular blockchain magazine, and the CMO of Picnab, an NFT stock image marketplace for photographers, is also an NFT creator and HODLer. With such accomplishment to his name, Masao chose to remain hidden and have created a digital avatar through which he makes all crypto shenanigans. 

Masao has been experimenting with NFT space for a while now and is a proud collector of various NFTs from different popular collections such as 80s APE Club, CyberPunks’ Loot, CryptoKitties, etc. He also has created his own NFTs on Rarible, which are also listed on OpenSea among his other collections. 

NFTs or Non-fungible Tokens are digital assets registered on the blockchain and assigned to real-world or digital assets. NFTs have become increasingly popular because of their fun approach and ability to introduce various industries such as art to the blockchain world. These NFTs can range from a few hundred bucks to a massive million dollar price depending upon the rarity and uniqueness of the collection. 

Masao Akimoto’s NFTs

Masao has collected over 44 unique NFT pieces from different collections and has listed them on OpenSea along with his nine unique pieces. These NFTs start from the low of 0.0003 ETH to the high of 55.55 ETH. 

The star of the NFT collection is an NFT from Loot (for Cyberpunks) collection that includes several rare collectible in-game assets. Apart from that, Masao has NFTs from the 80s APE Club, Citadel Citizens Club, MutantPunks, Psychedelic Mutant Ape, etc. 

He is also a proud owner of nine rare NFTs created on Rarible that includes creative and unique pieces designed by Masao himself, such as “Winter is Here,” “The Eyes that See,” etc. 

Masao Akimoto, the co-founder of Inside Crypto Mag and the CMO of Picnab, has been dabbling with cryptocurrencies since 2017. Since then, he has been experimenting with Defi and considers himself to be a master of NFTs. 

Masao Akimoto loves to work from the background and is not willing to come to the limelight. However, his expert marketing and technical skills give him the recognition he deserves.