MAREN – Tik Tok Witch Gets the Right Shots on the Crypto Market

Bob Coiney

January 19, 2021

MAREN is also known as the Tik Tok witch among her crypto market traders. Many bitcoin investors take her advice before investing in the market, as her calls seem spot on. 

MAREN is also called as Tik Tok witch, who goes by her Twitter handle @marenaltman, seems to have an affinity towards the cryptocurrency market. She seems to have the ability to take to call the right shots in the crypto market. 

Not surprisingly, many investors and users take her advice or visit her Twitter handle for more information on when to invest and so on. On January 7, @marenaltman tweets that “this was based on events when Saturn has ingressed into Aquarius throughout US history.”

Likewise, she had also tweeted on “when mars enter Taurus to join Uranus, I see this becoming more “solid” into concentrated gridlock.” MAREN has been able to use her knowledge in astrology in predicting the BTC price.

MAREN, a Tik Tok witch, considers herself a personal poet for the astrologer, entrepreneur, author who posted the latest video.

MAREN was spot on in the past couple of weeks until today. Based on her exact point, the crypto Twitter calls her the Tik Tok witch.

How cryptocurrency and witchcraft are connected?

Are cryptocurrency and witchcraft connected? 

A news article on Cryptopolitan witches turns cryptocurrency into a solid platform to express their rights and knowledge. Claire Gallant, the Founder of the Future Witch Facebook Group, said she connected between cryptocurrency and witchcraft.

Gallant is a strong leader in terms of cryptocurrency and the market. Gallant supports Ethereum crypto as it is involved in a fundraising program for Open Privacy. Sarah Lewis, is Open Privacy founder, feels that witches can play a significant part in the market. 

Witches can immensely influence the transactions and engage them that do not come with barriers found in most commerce platforms. Cryptocurrency is a staunch market for witches for transacting business beyond the reach of e-commerce markets banning witches.

Sarah Lewis, an Open privacy founder, finds herself more as a witch and a researcher for the crypto market. They see the crypto market as a platform where they get to secure their future rights commerce and a hint of religion infused in it.