MahaDAO gets listed on KuCoin


Bob Coiney

May 25, 2021

Another amazing feat for MahaDAO as they get listed on KuCoin after trending on CoinGecko recently. This news was welcomed by MahaDAO’s community with great excitement as it marks another win for the company. 

There is no denying that cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market, and every cryptocurrency goes through its fair share of ups and downs. However, certain new currencies, such as ARTH from MahaDAO, show immense potential to navigate these fluctuations. 

About MahaDAO

MahaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization where token holders make all the crucial decisions and play a centralized role in achieving the company’s true potential. The platform is governed by the MAHA community and offers two primary tokens MAHA (Governance and Utility Token) and ARTH (World’s first Valuecoin). 


ARTH is a decentralized algorithmic currency to fight depression using financial freedom that no other cryptocurrency offers. It bypasses crypto volatility using its value-stable protocol that gives total control to the MAHA token holder. 


MAHA is a governance and utility token that gives token holders the ability to vote on saving rates, direction, stability fees, and the future course of action for the ARTH coin. This token helps to keep ARTH decentralized by dividing the control to MAHA token holders. 

MahaDAO is a vast ecosystem that has several products in the pipeline, such as:

  • MahaLend
  • CDP Portal
  • Gasless Wallet

What does KuCoin listing mean for MahaDAO?

MahaDAO has been making waves in the crypto world with its first-of-a-kind Valuecoin. Recently the token was listed on CoinGecko and was trending on the crypto listing platform. This strengthens the community members’ belief in the currency. 

Being listed on KuCoin marks another win for MahaDAO as it suggests mass adoption of the MAHA token. Trading for MAHA will begin on May 26, 10 am (UTC), and the withdrawal process will begin the next day at 10 am (UTC).

As it is a new concept, several users might be wary of its use cases. However, renowned crypto exchanges such as KuCoin listing the token on its platform in the form of trading pairs MAHA/USDT and MAHA/BTC prove the company’s potential.