Litecoin Foundation in Yet Another Partnership – this time with Atari

Bob Coiney

May 22, 2020

Litecoin Foundation and the popular gaming giant come together for a profitable partnership, to further promote the usage of Litecoin. Atari has been a favorite for gamers as it has churned out some of the most interesting games like Asteroids, Breakout, and Centipede. The partnership extends further with Atari token roll-out in September 2020. Investors will be able to source the tokens with LTC payment mode. 

If users are looking at buying in the all-new Atari VCS gaming console, they can do so by using LTC and can avail good discounts on them. It will be used for many such purposes like playing games in Atari Casinos. Users who are also gaming aficionados can lay their hands on those games which are yet to hit the market.

CEO of the gaming Giant, Fred Chesnais is rather happy with the association. He believes that Litecoin fits the bill as the platform boasts of easy usability and will proffer low transaction costs. 

Charlie Lee the Managing director had similar thoughts about the association. Litecoin and its melding with Atari is a great way for people to invest in the Atari tokens. The partnership will be beneficial not just for the crypto markets but also for the gaming industry and Atari fans. 

This is not the first time that Litecoin has struck a strategic profitable deal. Last year the foundation had roped in Ben Askren as its brand ambassador. It also featured in UFC 232. It spread its wings further by becoming a major part of the Mammoth Film festival. 

Litecoin has been proactive when it comes to consolidating partners. It has understood that such deals will help it survive the tough competition. These deals will further encourage the use of LTC and will go a long way in establishing its hold in different sectors. 

Image Source – Linkedin – Litecoin