KISS Frontman Gene Simmons Reveals He’s Bitcoin Millionaire

Bob Coiney

February 6, 2021

KISS frontman, co-founder, and co-lead singer Gene Simmons has said that he is a Bitcoin millionaire. 

A news article on utoday stated that Gene Simmons, who is the co-lead and the co-founder of KISS, a legendary rock band is a millionaire in bitcoin holdings. Simmons made the revelation on Twitter claiming he has a seven-figure fortune in bitcoin. 

The Israeli American musician said that, yes, he is a bitcoin holder, a seven-figure. The KISS co-founder and co-lead artist said that he has a liking for XRP, Dogecoin, and other altcoins. Simmons owns most of them in his bitcoin kitty. 

Marcos Robles, who is a crypto investor, had this to tweet on KISS main artist Gene Simmons revealing that he owns bitcoin. 

Simmons made his feelings known about bitcoin in September 2017. He is to have said during an interview with The Street that he is keen on bitcoin. However, he wants to exercise caution because of the nature of the market. 

Simmons is to have also told that he is serious about bringing about KISS coins. In those days, celebrity holding the initial coin offerings (ICOs) was acceptable. Simmons promised that he would get disenfranchised individuals into the crypto market by September.

The Israeli American artist is one of the richest musicians on the planet. Most of Simmons fans loved his stunning black-and-white stage makeup, but few knew that he is a shrewd businessman too. 

Simmon’s capability of making lucrative deals is one of the main reasons for his band being able to stay in power for quite a while. Gene Simmons is not only into cryptocurrency. The KISS co-founder is into DOGE and holds market estimates of more than $400 million. 

Gene Simmons is not the first artist or musician to own cryptocurrency. Several of them have already expressed their interest or have invested in the market. It is an attractive investment asset for musicians like Sean Lennon, who is an American musician and songwriter.

Lennon said that he is delighted about the crypto market than the last year. Besides, readers may also want to note that many artists and musicians are fine with leaping into the cryptocurrency world to have a sublime engagement with their fans.