Jenny Q. Ta Launches the First Blockchain-Powered Social Marketplace Platform

block chain

Bob Coiney

May 8, 2020

CoinLinked marks its debut as one of the first blockchain-based social marketplace platforms. It is considered safe for users to buy any product from any website that uses popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stable coins like Tether and Fiat. Coin Linked was founded by Jenny Q. Ta the Wall Street Veteran who also is credited with the creation of VCNetwork. Co which is a platform that connects Venture Capitalists and startups. The founder has blended her experience in Wall street with social media and crypto to develop CoinLinked as both centralized as well as the decentralized social marketplace in order to promote crypto. This new platform will contain a utility token that will reward its users for conducting activities on the platform. It also can be used to claim discounts on its marketplace. It is high time that platforms be created for easier exchange of cryptos with goods and produce with seamless and less-burdened processes to undertake it.

CoinLinked also has enclosed two native tokens viz: 

  • Security token for those who are speculating to invest on the platform
  • An ERC token which will have multiple functionalities on the platform named CLC or Coin Linked Coin.

If users successfully produce content on the platform, they will be awarded CLC in exchange for it. The content could take the form of videos, pictures, links, and engaging posts. In the future users can also exchange CLC for discounts on the platform as well as exchange with other stable coins like Tether. Based on the approvals by the regulatory authorities, it might also be exchanged with Ether but that is still under discussion. Its security token is also touted to be available for trade on top security exchanges like Open Finance. The platform will also ensure that the content so generated adheres to the free speech norm but also follows the US regulations. 

In order to administer censorship assistance, it will also verify all the accounts of the user. It intends to store all confidential information to verify accounts as a trade secret. Such data will be stored offline. 

The platform intends to maintain the privacy of users by ensuring that data is not sold off. Users are assured that their privacy and data will not be hindered and hacked upon. 

Image Source – Hackernoon