Is this the cryptopocalypse? visualizing historical BTC corrections



June 16, 2018

Is this the Cryptopocalypse?

Bitcoin is down nearly 70% from its $20k top. This has most new investors running scared and thinking this was all a vaporware bubble from the start. It’s easy to forget that Bitcoin has through many, many crashes before this, and bounced back harder than ever. While this crash has been bad, just remember that despite the dump price is still up over the last 12 months. $6k Bitcoin was only a dream a year ago. Since early 2012, there’s  been 13 major price crashes in Bitcoin. Losses range from 30% to 90% in these corrections.

Check out this visual from the crew at An easy way to put things in perspective.

Hodling ain’t easy.  Lets hope Bitcoin and all of crypto bounces back bigger and better than ever. 

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