Is Bitcoin legal in your country?


January 17, 2018

Is it safe to buy Bitcoin in your country?

With the popularity of bitcoin and cryptocurrency exploding, noobies learning what a correction is, and people asking “why can’t I participate in this ICO?”,  we found this interesting and helpful piece on on the legality of Bitcoin across the globe. Very usefull for our readers out there who are unsure of the specific legal stance your country has with Bitcoin (and to an extent crypto in general).


It’s rather striking. Just at one glance you can see how much more liberal the west is regarding bitcoin and vice versa for the east. But as the article states China and S. Korea only just started scrutinize the cryptocurrency markets. From the article:

Here is a breakdown of the chart, based on the global legality of Bitcoin out of 246 countries:

  • Legal and Neutral (Green and Orange): 99 Countries or 40% of World

  • Restricted (Light Pink): 7 Countries or 3% of World

  • Illegal (Dark Pink): 10 Countries or 4% of World

  • No Information (Gray): 130 Countries or 53% of World

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