Interview: Rocky Darius Cryptocurrency Trader @CRYPTOHUSTLE


January 9, 2018

Rocky Darius is a full-time cryptocurrency trader, investor and analyst. In 2013, he developed a passion for cryptocurrencies and seized the opportunity to pursue a career in this rising industry. Much of his time is spent researching the markets to find new wealth building strategies. He runs a cryptocurrency trading school and mentorship program, skillincubator, as well as a blog,, where he explains the ins and outs of crypto. Rocky is very well known in the crypto community. You can follow him @cryptohustle for his technical analysis posts and the occasional doge meme.

What was your first taste of the crypto industry, did you start off with cryptocurrency trading?

I first experimented with crypto mining and lost money. That’s when I realized that trading was less work and overhead expenses.

When you got into crypto what use cases did you believe in most?

Where do you think it can have the greatest impact? Decentralized money. Control over the money system is at the root of global power and an age old monopoly. By decentralizing money we disrupt global finance and allow individuals the ability to control their destiny.

What are you thoughts on this scaling debate, how do you think it plays out over the next year or so?

I think lightning network on Bitcoin will end up becoming a common standard amongst crypto and we’ll see it implemented in many altcoins. Once LN (lightning network) is fully released crypto will be able to scale beyond anything we’ve seen.

You run a cryptocurrency trading school, Skillincubator, tell us a little about that business, why do you like mentoring new traders?

I use crypto trading as a vehicle to teach philosophy and inspire people to think on a deeper level. We need to question everything about life and the markets have the ability to teach us about human psychology and natural law principles. It’s also rewarding to hear from students and how crypto has changed their lives.

Do you focus entirely on trading or have you mined, setup master nodes, etc.? Any tips for passive income?

Planning on getting into staking and master nodes in 2018 to generate more passive returns. I also do some affiliate marketing which can be a great passive income stream.

How do you think BTC futures will impact the cryptocurrency trading landscape?

BTC futures has helped legitimize crypto amongst the mainstream. It’s no longer considered something to be fringe. Inevitably this will lead to more users and mass adoption.

When do you think we see mainstream adoption in crypto? is that what’s happening now?

Yes, we’re seeing a huge wave of new users flocking to crypto. Exchanges currently can’t handle the capacity of new users and are turning down business.

Last thing, which crypto “sector” (anonymous coins, master node, tokens, etc) do you think will have the best 2018?

Difficult to predict the next flavor of hype since everything seems to be going up right now. I think if Tezos ever launches it will be huge


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