Interested Parties Can Now Purchase Tokenized Tesla Stock from Bittrex

Bob Coiney

December 8, 2020

Traders who are keen on purchasing tokenized Tesla stock from Bittrex can do so from now onwards. Additionally, users and traders can buy shares of Google, Apple, and others on the Bermuda exchange.

A news post on Decrypt which is a crypto exchange is going to list several tokenized stocks on their platform. This is in partnership with DigitalAssets.AG. Investors and users can now invest in the listed companies without having to pay additional fees. 

Traders do not have to make use of a traditional brokerage to do so subsequently. The stocks that are tokenized are the latest in the cryptocurrency market. They are a sign of things to come. These stocks are traditional securities, in which public shares from the companies get traded using a regulated exchange. 

It was not provided earlier to users and traders. Thanks to the developments in representing values on the digital token, these steps were possible. Kryptodragon7, a crypto enthusiast and an investor, had this to tweet on the development.  

Tom Albright, CEO of Bittrex, said that the technology used in the blockchain world is immensely capable of providing what the financial sector wants. Bittrex Global wants to perform their duties fully to ensure that traders get their fair share. 

They are able to make capital and garner wealth possible easily. According to the statement of the company, 12 running shares will now be listed on Bittrex, that include Tesla, Google, SPY, and Facebook. 

The exchange-traded fund consists of some of the top companies operating in America. Hence, users can purchase shares using US dollars, Bitcoin, and Tether. They will be provided shares round the clock.

Besides, users can purchase a fraction of a cryptocurrency. Traders can buy $10 shares as tokenized stock. However, if market liquidity occurs, where sellers and buyers can trade the asset at a specific time could vary on the time of the trading day. 

Bittrex claims that they plan to increase tokenized offerings and financial products like indices, ETFs, and asset classes, in the near future. This step has been a long time due to the crypto market. 

People familiar with the matter said that it was only a matter of time before exchanges issued famous companies’ tokens. This ensures that traders who invest can earn more cash through it. 

Bittrex now joins crypto exchanges Bitfinex and FTX, who started their own tokenized stocks earlier in 2020.