Indian Singer Kailash Kher Joins the NFT Movement

Bob Coiney

September 27, 2021

Cryptocurrency is currently the hub for everyone hoping to achieve financial freedom as it has grown popular over the last few months and has been widely adopted by different nations and global corporations. Developing countries are positioning themselves to catch up with the revolution as everyone now sees blockchain as the future of the world. These days, more countries in different parts of the globe are embracing the blockchain community and are putting policies in place to ensure that it gains national status.

Within the crypto world, a relatively new concept has emerged as the biggest bait attracting people to the blockchain. NFTs, which stands for non-fungible tokens, are uniquely changing the world more than anything else within the crypto world.  In the last few months, NFTs have become one of the highest revenue generation sources in crypto and have provided entrepreneurs and artists with a new to make outrageous sums of money in exchange for their digital content, and this has sparked an awareness of the possibilities locked up in the crypto industry.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are tokens registered on the blockchain and real-world or virtual assets like music, videos, pictures,  drawings, and digital arts, which have proven to be the most lucrative in the last few months. Artists have now found a more secure way of earning from their work and receiving credits for it, unlike when shared on social media platforms which can be hijacked and denying them of their monetary benefits.

Kailash Kher Joins the Revolution

Kailash Kher, a well-known Indian singer-songwriter, is one of the big names to join the NFT revolution. This NFT by Kailash Kher is a game-changing moment for the NFT community because it marks the beginning of mainstream adoption of NFTs in India. 

Kher would not be the first to create NFTs in the country,  there have been a few additional Indian NFTs created by creators such as Delhi-based 3D designer Amrit Pal Singh but adoption has been slow and gradual largely because these guys were viewed as tech gurus with special skill and knowledge.

A bigger NFT Adoption is Anticipated in India

It is widely expected that other musicians will follow in the footsteps of  Kher, and be a part of the  NFT movement. Kher is well known within the music industry in his country. As a singer and composer, his influence is widespread. His style of music is influenced by Sufi music and traditional Indian folk music. The 48-year-old music maestro’s work has been featured in several high-profile Indian movies  like “Baahubali: The Beginning” and “Fanaa.”

Pareen Lathia, Cofounder, Builders Tribe was quoted saying, “This is not just one NFT drop. It is an introduction to the world of NFTs for millions of Kailash Kher fans. Imagine how many musicians will now mint their tracks as NFTs. Opens up a whole new world.”

The Best Part of the News

The best part of his involvement with NFTs is that Kher appeals to the local audience and community as he is not seen as a tech-savvy individual with an in-depth understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Kher would no doubt help spread the awareness of NFTs in his country and spur people to take advantage of the exceptional reach, safety, and economic benefits provided by NFT.

Furthermore,  Kher’s NFT is a record-breaking feat. It would be the first-ever NFT developed in the Bollywood music industry which would set the pace for others. He shared the good news on his Twitter and since then, his fans and crypto lovers have been unable to hide their excitement.