India Dapp Fest – India’s Biggest Blockchain Summit of 2019

Amrit Mirchandani

July 4, 2019

Blockchained India along with Blocumen Studio’s organized Asia’s biggest blockchain summit which was a resounding success. It was a five-day blockchain conference, held in the Silicon Valley of India, giving the best platform for everyone who is passionate in blockchain talent, networking dais, expert meets and a lot.

After the event was held, multiple roadshows were held nationwide which addressed the trends emerging and aimed to spread awareness about them. This was planned to draft a report for blockchain-friendly rules which can act as the source for those who frame the laws in the country.

Review and Feedback from the industry leaders 

The India Dapp Fest was held for 5 days that consisted of the workshop and hackathon where the Algorand, Chain Security and the Matic Network were the main interactions with the attendees and they did a great job in training, guiding and judging them or the pitching session following next. 

Recently, various industry leaders and experts also praised the India dApp Fest. Along with Anderson Tan – CEO and Founder of Alpha Omega Capital, Siddharth – Co-founder of WazirX, David Casey CEO of NuMundo, other market leaders had given positive statement about this fest. 

Initially, Anderson Tan was unsure about this Fest standards. He was thoughtful about the blockchain progress in India and the level of its participants but soon he became shocked and amazed by seeing advancement of this industry in India. He said, 

“Had an amazing time, it exceeded my expectations.” 

David Casey, CEO of NuMundo was grateful for the ecosystem to come up in Bangalore. He was happy meeting a lot of people and felt that there was a lot of potential and excitement in the industry. The emphasis on enterprise in India was what surprised him the most. He further added, 

“I was grateful to see the ecosystem coming together in Bangalore. It is certainly a very strange moment for India. Much more emphasis on enterprise. The organizer had a great job, really liked it, a great experience and I hope it keeps growing.” 

Naimish, Founder of CoinCrunchIndia noted that the most wonderful thing about the fest was the control and organization. The place chosen was fine and everything was planned and executed brilliantly. 

Prem Kumar, the Blockchain lead at PwC India was happy with the event organization which was integrated into the event rather than make it too much blockchain. He appreciated the individuals who spoke at the event and commended the panel of moderators. 

He experienced that the fest has the flavor of crypto, it has a flavor for enterprise and had subconscious discussion on Blockchain. Further he stated, 

“I think, in my opinion, it’s a good mix, planned well and I think you should think of considering doing a larger event than this.” 

The 3 – day workshop and hackathon from the 11th of June to the 13th of June was held at the IndiQube, a co – working professional space in the garden city of Bangalore and the judges selected the top 8 contestants were provided a chance to pitch in the ultimate idea in front of the potential investors and other set of judges. 

First Day of Hackathon 

The speakers, participants and the mentors marked their attendance at the IndiQube Alpha Building. The day started with a little ice – breaker session followed by an activity of networking. The sponsors of the event were introduced. Following this, the fest committee introduced the key players behind this conference and the driving force for their motive. The room was motivated enough after learning about the resounding efforts from the Blockchained India and Blocument Studios and they were all set to learn and interact more in the coming days. 

The guidelines of the hackathon was informed to all participants and after a meal, the competition commenced. The participants were judged based on their capability to build the best solution of the lot with teamwork. The key facts which one had to focus on were the models that had been tried before and the opportunities that lied to try out distinct approaches. The mentors in the workshop provided a detailed explanation of what works and what not and this made the hackathon more interesting, productive and more contextualized for the participants. 

Second Day of Hackathon 

The day commended with the workshop conducted by Jitendra Chittoda from Chainsecurity. The workshop was interactive and through the session, he talked about the different vulnerabilities in the smart contract system and the auditing process of the same. At 6 pm, the participants submitted their hackathon approaches built on the basis of blockchain technology. The participants were then given 5 minutes to present their pitch and 4 minutes for a Q&A session by the mentors. From this session, 8 teams were picked that were given the opportunity for a final pitch on June 13. 

Hackathon Winners

The winners of the Hackathon were Team AutoMatic and The Matical for the first position followed by, Team CryptoMatics for the second position. They were selected after a 48 – hour hackathon brainstorming contest where the participants tried to fulfill the challenges thrown by the mentors from the blockchain industry. 

First day of the Dapp Fest Conference on June 14th 

The event commenced with the excellent and motivating talk by Nitin Gaur who is the Director (WW), IBM and he spoke about the landscape of different digital assets on a global scale. He talked about how IBM has a vision to explore the blockchain system in depth an the benchmark others can set. 

Later there were two excellent topics on the ecosystems decentralized around the world  and the other on the “Access & Control on the Blockchain: Public, Private and Consortium Models”.

The stage was then taken over the fame of the company, Matic network who explained the benefits of the investment on them from one of the largest exchanges for crypto – currency, Binance IEO, and also from the Coinbase Ventures. The co – founder of Matic Network also informed the audience and motivated them with his impeccable journey with some other minds of acumen. 

The team, speakers and audience of IDF were all set to hear the most amazing aspect ‘Unicorns of Blockchain: Too early in the day?’ that gathered a huge attention from the founders and entrepreneurs of start – ups all over the country.

The first wrapped up, “Draper University Pitch Competition”, which was judged by Akshay Aggarwal who is the CEO of Blocumen Studios and also a  Alumni Ambassador of the Draper University; CEO and Founder of Alpha Omega Capital, Anderson Tan; Blockchain genius and Entrepreneur, and Nitin Gaur who is a Director at Digital Assets WW, IBM. 

The second day of the Dapp Fest Conference on June 15th

As the day2 began the enthu and energy was at the highest after the grand success of the first day. Everyone were extremely eager to take the success of this event further.

Launching the Draft Report for Blockchain-Friendly Regulations

The team also launched a draft report for regulations in blockchain and explained it through slides. It was to get the attention of the nation and explain what exactly the crypto community needs from the country. More than 400 people participated in the report and gave their opinions on different regulations. Out of the people participated, 32% of those were IT professionals, 33% Entrepreneurs, 21.70% were enthusiasts in Blockchain, 8.60% were students or interns and the remaining were researchers, lawyers, investors and journalists. 

Other highlights of the event were ‘Conscious Decentralization’, a session conducted by  Jessica Zatler, inclusive panel discussions on “Crypto Surfing: How to Ride the Waves” and “The Enterprise Diaries, lessons to Iterate On”.

Hearts Won!

It was a wrap for India’s biggest conference in blockchain with a small networking session and a note of thanks for all the attendees. The event did manage to win a lot of hearts and the 3 days of hackathon followed by 2 days of conference was incredible with a wide array of speakers, participants, community members and audience coming together for their passion and dedication to change the eco – system of blockchain in India.