Improving Passive Income with Dolphin

Bob Coiney

July 8, 2021

One of the reasons behind cryptocurrency’s popularity is the passive income it helps to generate. Investors do not have to worry about making daily trades or continuously monitoring the prices to ensure a good income. Its decentralized nature makes it a superior choice over the traditional method of investing, which involves corrupt activities, intermediaries, and so on. 

One of the platforms that solely focus on improving passive income generated using crypto assets is Dolphin. Dolphin is a governance token of CoinDolph, a crypto market that provides detailed information about several crypto assets. The governance token takes a multi-purpose approach in ensuring optimized passive income. 

What is Dolphin?

Dolphin ($DLP) is a highly advanced governance token that offers several benefits to the token holders. It is developed to ensure that the holders receive the maximum advantage without worrying about the much-feared crypto volatility. Token holders will be privy to features such as:

  • Passive Income: Games, Real Product
  • Passive Income: %8 of the tax will go to holders, helping them earn BNB while holding $DLP. 
  • Strong Liquidity: To make the liquidity pool less volatile, %2 of the tax is added to the pool. 
  • BuyBack: %3 of the tax collected in an address as BNB to promote daily buybacks and avoid dumps. 
  • Marketing: Dolphin offers robust marketing services and uses a 2% tax from transactions to store in the marketing budget. 
  • CoinDolph: CoinDolph offers easy-to-use mobile apps to avoid the need for several apps. 


CoinDolph is a futuristic multi-tool solution for all crypto-related needs such as news, analytics, decentralized trading, mining and limit orders. The company aims to become the top contender in the crypto space by offering the best solutions and services. 

CoinDolph, apart from Dolphin, offers a variety of tools such as:

  • DolphObserver: Cryptocurrency current prices, market overview, and analysis
  • DolphSwap: Decentralized exchange
  • Limit Orders: Stop-loss functions
  • New Coins Research & News
  • CoinDolph Mobile
  • $DLP Mining Station
  • Mobile Portfolio
  • Mobile Games

CoinDolph has a wide range of features that makes it a strong contender in the industry. However, its passive income optimization using the Dolphin is one of the best use cases of the ecosystem and can help token holders generate great results. 

The token is live on BSC and can be purchased using TrustWallet and Metamask