Immutable X is Integrated with GameStop Wallet 



August 9, 2022

The layer 2 Ethereum protocol, Immutable X, has now made the GameStop wallet available to the users on its gas-free protocol. Both companies have partnered to allow users early access to GameStop wallets on Immutable X L2. The wallet will also be integrated into the former’s Link infrastructure to make the wallet natively compatible across the entire protocol. 

What Does This Integration Mean?

Following the integration of the GameStop Wallet, any marketplace running on Immutable X and its partners with support for Link infrastructure will automatically offer the GameStop wallet as an option to connect and trade. Moreover, the majority of the partners are linked with LINK, which will result in large-scale integration of the GameStop Wallet. 

GameStop is also working on integrating the Immutable X network directly into the wallet extension. While the full functionality is only available on Immutable X for now, the fully integrated wallet will be released soon. 

Immutable X is a leading Layer 2 for NFT marketplaces secured by Ethereum. It is a gas-free minting platform that has minted over 30 million NFTs without any gas fees. Moreover, they are 100% carbon neutral and saved 2,400,000,000 kWh of energy this year. 

While GameStop recently launched an NFT marketplace on Immutable X to allow users to own, purchase and sell digital assets without paying exorbitant gas fees as they have to do on Ethereum. The US games company has announced a $100 million fund for game developers in web3 to enhance the industry. 

This collaboration between the two giants will prove to be elemental in the growth of the gaming industry as more users will be able to mint their gaming NFTs without having to pay costly gas fees.