How is Student Coin bridging the gap between Academic Institutions and Tokenization?

Bob Coiney

April 16, 2021

Cryptocurrencies were thought of as a risky addition to the financial world until their popularity rose along with their several use cases. With the addition of the DeFi and blockchain technology, the crypto world is challenging the traditional financial world to step up its game.

By providing a robust and decentralized alternative to traditional financial services, crypto has transformed the way people use financial services. Several additions such as dApps, blockchain technology, yield farming, and tokenization have made the crypto space an invaluable resource. Tokenization, in particular, has seen tremendous growth with more platforms bringing real-world institutions to the crypto world.

Student Coin is one such unique platform that, through its ecosystem, brings tokenization to the academic sector. The platform has an ongoing ICO till April 30th, where it has already raised over $28 Million.

About Student Coin

Student Coin is an advanced blockchain ecosystem that helps organizations, corporations, institutions, and individuals to create and manage tokens. Its comprehensive suite of products provides exceptional services and onboarding for investors and students. 

The Student Coin ecosystem is built upon Ethereum and Waves, making it user-friendly and adaptive to the individual’s requirements. The founder and CEO, Wojciech Podobas, is a crypto expert and wrote two books: “Cryptocurrency Encyclopedia: the comprehensive guide through the 100 most important cryptocurrencies” and “Advanced Technical Analysis The Complex Technical Analysis of Asset.”

Started in 2018 for a student’s club of Kozminski University in Warsaw, the company now enlists students from over 500 global institutions with prominent names such as Harvard, NYU, and London School of Economics.

The Utility Token $STC

Student Coin issues its utility token, $STC, to the students, and the investors can purchase it to fund the student’s education and tuition fees. In return, the investors will receive a percentage from the student’s future earnings. 

This is a fresh concept that has gained immense popularity, evident from Student Coin’s IPO’s recent success, where several investors, institutions, organizations, and students showed interest. Student Coin is an innovative concept bringing tokenization to the educational sector and helping students along the way.