How Cryption is Making Ethereum Usage More Efficient and Cost Effective?


Bob Coiney

March 5, 2021

Leading financial institutions and prominent leaders have adopted themselves with the increasing manifestation of Blockchain technology.

As previously stated by many, the blockchain market’s tremendous market capitalization growth from a mere $1.7 Billion as of 2013 to $1.7 Trillion in 2021 has outpaced Gold. With organizations like Google, Amazon and Apple taking interest in blockchain,  it is clear that Blockchain is here to stay and is in no way an Asset Bubble scenario.

Organizations like Galaxy Digital Holdings, Grayscale, and the recent $1.5 Billion investment by Tesla have attested that big organizations are exponentially diversifying their portfolios into this segment. Although this has reduced concerns for many skeptical analysts, the rising transaction/gas fees and the Blockchain mechanism with its ever confusing User Interface have made a large part of the world stay away from putting their money in this market. This is where Cryption comes to play; understanding the real pain points of amateur investors and the willing public who wants to adopt Ethereum, Cryption officially launched as announced by the official Medium post. Cryption has created a user-friendly space dedicated to creating Defi products for regular retail investors. With an array of robust tools, Cryption looks forward to making blockchain access easy and friendly for every potential and willing investor out there.

Cryption offers various tools like Swap Cafe, allowing fast exchanges over yield farming which further reduces the gap and helps bring liquidity from Ethereum to Matic—talking about yield farming which changes the farm token automatically as per the algorithms set up. Leverage farming will allow users to generate interests over time with double the farming rewards by staking their assets within the exchanges. Cryption also boasts of a Seer Prediction tool that will allow users to read and analyze the upcoming trends in the market for almost any segment. The Crypto Hedge Fund within the Cryption will have dedicated fund managers who will create portfolios just like a traditional financial institution. However, as Cryption mentions, Defi Stack will still be their front end for all inclined developers who want to create their application which the organization will audit.

Cryption has undoubtedly brought out a new revolution in the market, making Blockchain accessible with ease to every willing investor out there and creating a sphere where Cryptocurrencies will be widely accepted as a new medium of exchange.