Horizon Raises $40M Fund in its Series A Financing to Build a More Advanced Web3 Approach

Subh Rath

October 7, 2022

Horizon, an all-in-one developer platform and smart wallet that simplifies the development of web3 games and applications, is taking the next step in creating a more enjoyable, exciting, and powerful platform for users and builders.

With the Web3 world and its projects expanding quickly in recent years, the race to better and do more than the ordinary is at an all-time high for initiatives in this ecosystem.

Users today want to collaborate, contribute, and achieve specific, intriguing, and gratifying initiatives. After all, isn’t that what Web3 is all about? More than just a simple and uncomplicated digital user experience!

Horizon is another noteworthy project that has made its mark in the Web3 industry with its project view and strategy. What else? The project has only recently begun to put its advanced roadmap into action since its beginning in 2017 and has successfully raised $40 million.

Key Takeaways:

With the successful collection of a $40 million investment, Horizon has welcomed many large-scale investors to its platform. 

  • Since the company’s inception, Horizon has been developing technologies that address the deficiencies of web3 and liberate its potential. Horizon is now in a position to accelerate web3 adoption on a global scale, thanks to the massive breakthrough that has just been made.
  • Improve Skyweaver’s game experience by adding new features and content, and introduce Niftyswap, a decentralized marketplace for trading semi-fungible tokens (SFTs), web3 game objects, and metaverse treasures. Horizon’s Series A funding allows it to expand the Sequence ecosystem by luring more developers to the platform and making it possible for the next generation of games and applications to be made.
  • Skyweaver, hailed as “the best blockchain game” and has a user base in which sixty percent of players are new to web3, was built on a platform that, throughout its development, overcame many challenges to provide users with an uninterrupted experience. For achieving the goal of making web3 applications easy, enjoyable, and secure for all users, it is necessary to find solutions to a wide range of issues, including user onboarding and wallets, transactions and gas, tokens and minting, data and indexing, trading and marketplaces, security, onramps, node access, and much more.
  • The components that comprise Sequence A, an all-in-one web3 developer platform and smart wallet for the Ethereum and EVM ecosystem, were once Horizon’s solutions. Now, those solutions are Sequence’s offerings.
  • Horizon’s growth will include a new line of business made possible by the equipment of series A. This fall, they’re releasing Niftyswap.io, a front-end for the open-source and decentralized Niftyswap protocol and a marketplace for web3 collectibles. Niftyswap would facilitate SFT trading by providing on-chain liquidity, allowing users to purchase and sell assets instantaneously for a charge.


Horizon has come a long way in playing an enormous role in the realization of web3: the next generation of the Internet, from its humble beginnings as a group of five founders working around CEO Peter’s kitchen table to its current size of 60 brilliant and kind team members spread in 16 countries with the support of the world’s best investors, gaming companies, and web3 pioneers.

And with that, we can say that we have yet another project with a novel and promising future in Web3 development that is gaining popularity and support from developers and users worldwide. So let’s watch Horizon’s future developments with interest.