Hong Kong immigration policy to attract Distributed Ledger Technology talent

Hong Long distributed ledger technologies

Bob Coiney

August 30, 2018

Hong Kong is consistently devising policies to attract talented individuals from around the world who are working in emerging professions. The latest immigration policy is a testament to such efforts in which distributed ledger technologies expertise is specifically mentioned.

Distributed Ledger Technologies is the future

The Hong Kong government recently issued a press release highlighting a list of professions which will be eligible for bonus marks under the city’s Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS). These professions have been selected after careful deliberation and consideration with the developmental needs of Hong Kong, as the country aims to make its economy more diverse.

The press release attempts to attract technology and innovation experts worldwide but a special emphasis has been placed on the distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, biometric technologies and chemical/industrial engineering expertise.

Currently, the annual quota for QMAS induction is set to be 1000. Moreover, Hong Kong government is greatly facilitating talented individuals by not requiring them to secure an offer of local employment prior to settlement in its territory.

Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, who is the Chief Secretary for Administration and Chairman of the Human Resources Planning Commission said the following:

“Hong Kong fully welcomes talented individuals from all over the world, possessing knowledge, valuable skills and experience so that they can fully utilize and polish their own talents here while bringing their capabilities into full play.

Issuance of Talent list is one of the four major steps taken by our government to improve our competitive edge in attracting international talents, encouraging local talent development, generating cluster effects and thrusting Hong Kong in the forward direction”.

In order to get selected in the technology and blockchain sub-category, applicants must have a Bachelors or higher with experience in notable firms. It is worth mentioning that Malta, Lichtenstein and several other countries are also devising policies to attract blockchain experts so Hong Kong is expected to face tough competition in their hunt for talent.

Remember folks, Crypto is coming!

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