Hollywood icon marks 40th anniversary of bizarre stage event with an NFT

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Bob Coiney

December 29, 2021

NFTs are a type of digital asset that gained considerable popularity earlier this year. The majority of cryptocurrencies are fungible (or spendable) tokens that may be swapped for other cryptocurrencies or spent on products in places that accept them as payment, but NFTs are a one-of-a-kind digital asset that may be stored on the blockchain, traded, and sold as collectibles.

Hollywood icon Ozzy Osbourne is the latest celebrity to join the NFT buzz and recently announced the release of CryptoBatz, his very first collection of 9,666 unique bats in the form of NFTs.  The Prince of Darkness’s NFT project will hit the market in January. The name “CryptoBatz,” was given as a nod to the infamous 1982 moment where the legendary singer bit off the head of a bat during a Des Moines, Iowa concert. January 20, 2022, makes it exactly 40 years since the incident took place at Veterans Memorial Auditorium.

Ozzy’s entry into the realm of NFTs comes at the wrap of a year in which the NFT trend has been adopted by some of the most well-known performers on the planet. Kings of Leon’s current album, ‘When You See Yourself,’ was released in NFT format in March, and Grimes auctioned off ten pieces of original artwork under the banner of ‘WarNymph Collection Vol. One,’ which each went for tens of thousands of dollars. 

About “CrytoBatz

CrytoBatz owners can also produce NFT mutations by having their Cryptobatz “bite” other NFTs in their Apple digital wallets, thanks to a collaboration with NFT studio Sutter Systems. The functionality, dubbed “MutantBatz,” would allow Cryptobatz customers to generate NFT mutations with NFTs from Bored Ape Yacht Club, SupDucks, and Cryptotoadz, as well as a fourth unnamed entity.

The project’s pre-sale is currently open on the CryptoBatz discord channel, with an additional 2,500 confirmed CryptoBat pre-sale whitelist passes available exclusively on the same channel.

Reaction to the launch

Reacting to the recent launch, Osbourne said, “I’ve been trying to get in on the NFT action for a while so when I asked Sharon for a Bored Ape for Christmas after several failed attempts of buying my own, and she said no, so I decided to create my own. CryptoBatz is a fucking mental project for NFT collectors and fans. The design pays tribute to one of my most iconic on-stage moments and is a chance to acquire a rare piece of art history. I love it!”

A post on the Cryptobatz website read, “every cryptobat trait has been creatively directed by Ozzy Osbourne. Unlike some of Ozzy’s previous bat friends, these ones live safely in the metaverse and are not edible… yet.” 

Another launch in view

Aside from the new NFT line, the 73-year-old also announced that he would launch AncientBatz, a treasure hunt for CryptoBatz owners that will see the virtual Batz distributed over the world in obscure spots.

Unlike its CryptoBatz cousins, each AncientBat will be able to bite up to 100 times, giving them unrivaled power to create 100 MutantBatz.