Harry Potter Author JK Rowling Confirms She Owns this Crypto

Bob Coiney

May 20, 2020

JK Rowling, the millionaire author from the best-selling Harry Potter series has got the Twitter crowd rolling with her latest take on the Cryptocoin Bitcoin. The author was seen as trolling the most popular cryptocurrency in her tweet. The trolling did not just end with Bitcoin, as she has also trolled Ethereum, the second-largest crypto in her latest tweet. 

Her views on Bitcoin previously brought together several bitcoin specialists and people in the process. Tesla CEO also joined the twitter bandwagon by revealing his Bitcoin holdings. While there are many other completely unaware of the wave, the tweet will help them dig deeper into it to understand. The retweets tried to get her to know more about Bitcoin and tried to convince her to go for it. Considering the number of tweets that followed her first tweet about Bitcoin and the second one about Ethereum, many followers tried to explain to her about Bitcoin. In fact, a noted Bitcoin commentator Vijay Boyapati also pointed out that 

Rowling may not understand Bitcoin but she “spent the last few days giving many of her 14.6 million followers their first exposure to it.”

The dozens of tweets that the author rolled out on Bitcoin has indeed managed to garner thousands of likes and comments all pointing out to the fact that thousands of people on the platform were exposed to the cryptocommunity by the author’s tweet alone!

After Bitcoin, Rowling was seen trolling Ethereum in “The Crypto Roast Show”. The tweet has indeed attracted several big names in the industry. One of the followers also asked her if she owned holdings of Bitcoin or not to which she replied that she would not be joining the Bitcoin community. She also extended the joke by saying she owns Ethereum instead.  Twitter also read that with her merciless troll she might just be able to gain value and an overall boost in her Ethereum holdings. 

Things have not all been cheery, for the troll tweets also have trolling replies but looking at the larger picture this could be a positive sign considering many people have responded and shown interest. For the Bitcoin platform at this juncture, it is important that it sees increased interests and a better understanding of its working. 

Image Source – Blast