$GM coin – the new culture coin spreading a new Meme movement

gm coin

Bob Coiney

November 17, 2021

Throughout the year, the potential of cryptocurrencies to transform people’s fates and livelihoods has been demonstrated, as countless individuals have become involved in the cryptocurrency. In addition, several organizations have embraced blockchain, and countless countries are implementing policies to legalize crypto activities in their nations. 

The Popularity of Meme Coins

Meme coins are one of the most popular trends in crypto and have grown largely popular in recent days. Meme coins, like popular mainstream coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin, have grown in popularity; however, unlike these mainstream coins, meme coins are based on global trends, comedies, humour, gags, or even revolutionary activities.

Over the previous year, meme coins have become one of the most popular trends in the cryptocurrency market. Investors flocked to thriving coins hoping to profit from them, and recently, another coin has risen and is widely considered the BTC of meme coins.

Introducing $GM

In the last few days, GM has taken the crypto space by storm and has experienced mind-blowing growth. For most people, the GM meme coin is a movement that is both relatable and resourceful. 

GM is a catchall phrase meaning “good morning,” but because of its long history, it is now a bonding factor for many crypto societies. Several crypto groups and Discord have become associated with it, and it continues to gain widespread attention like BTC years ago.

Like BTC, GM is a unifying factor, a movement that has the backing of several crypto users since it imitates an everyday gesture people make to themselves. Currently, it has over 5,000 Telegram subscribers, 10,000 Twitter followers, and 10,000 token holders in a few days since it launched. 

The Widespread Growth of GM

Asides from that, the project has generated over $100 million in TVL, and these numbers are expected to double in the coming days as the founders are experienced developers and crypto experts who will stop at nothing to see this project become the king of meme coins.

GM started as an effort to honour Rak, the co-founder of Solana, whose ban from Twitter was met with harsh resistance from his followers who decided to start a movement that would become the next wave in the crypto space.

GM has tokenized its value into $GM on the Ethereum blockchain, which is presently listed on three major centralized exchanges as well as Uniswap.

The basic idea is that the price of the token will reflect the spontaneous spread of the GM meme on social media networks. The more people realize the power of “good morning,” the more they would want to be associated with a coin that imitates this warm gesture.

The Ethereum blockchain supports the ERC20 token $Gm. A 10% tax is applied to each transaction. A 2% reflects holders, 4% auto liquidity locking to Uniswap, and 4% to the marketing wallet make up the 10 per cent.

With the huge growth and spread of the $GM, now will be the best time for new users to jump on the trend.