Funarcade Just Extended Its Testnet: Here’s Why!

Subh Rath

May 26, 2023

The community-focused casino platform has extended its testnet program till May 31st following the overwhelming response from the gaming community. 

To bridge the gap, the platform combines substantial gaming experience with knowledge of crypto/web3 to create a successful gaming environment in the community. Funarcade is dedicated to providing a pleasant and equitable gaming experience, and its wide choice of iGaming alternatives has piqued gamers’ interest. 

Funarcade introduced its testnet to fine-tune its games better and give a top-tier gaming experience for its players. Users can participate in the testnet by completing basic missions on Funarcade and submitting feedback in exchange for rewards.

Recently, with the overwhelming participation and interest of its gaming community, FUnarcade decided to extend the testnet program that started on May 8th till the 31st of May. While players could only access this testnet program through Funarcade’s desktop site, the platform recently took to Twitter to announce that its testnet program is now also available through mobile. 

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What’s More? Funarcade Gameplay and Rewards:

As an exciting approach to allow its early players to share their feedback, Funarcade allows gamers to be a part of seven distinct missions throughout this testnet. These missions include: 

  • Testing each game ten times (5 times in each currency)
  • Providing useful feedback

Players who will participate in each of the missions will be eligible for rewards. These rewards can be accessed once the players fill out the feedback form (accessible after completing the 6th mission) with their reviews on the first 5 missions. 

Players that complete all missions will then be able to proceed to access their testnet rewards, which will be funded from three different token distribution pools, including:

  • A 150,000 token pool out of which players that offer relevant feedback pool will be given 15% as a prize
  • A 400,000 token pool out of which players that offer good or detailed feedback will be given 40% as a prize
  • And a 450,000 token pool, out of which players that offer very useful feedback will be given 45% as a prize

Feedback from testers is incredibly important to the platform. As a result, the rewards program has been designed to elicit specific and accurate feedback from test users, emphasizing game mechanics, bugs, and user experience improvements.

Funarcade’s testnet approach seeks to provide participants with a complete testing program while rewarding them for their feedback.

Funarcade Tapping Into The Global Gambling Market:

The global online gambling market was valued at $63.53 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow significantly between 2023 and 2030. Funarcade is capitalizing on this opportunity by making gaming more accessible and engaging for users. Traditional casinos frequently struggle with security, transparency, and fairness concerns, which Funarcade addresses with blockchain technology and community-driven innovation.

As a result, Funarcade participation extends beyond simply playing games; players can support their community, earn incentives, and contribute to the platform’s success. As the casino industry shifts to online gambling, platforms like Funarcade are well-positioned to attract gamers looking for more inclusive, fair, and engaging gaming experiences.

If this excites you, don’t miss out on the opportunity of participating in this testnet program. 

Check out how you can participate in Funarcade’s testnet here.

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