Funarcade Beta Testnet: Why You Should Look Forward To It?

Join the Fun: Discover What's New on FunArcade Beta Testnet

Subh Rath

April 24, 2023

Funarcade is an emerging Web3 project that introduces gaming enthusiasts to a fair opportunity to explore thrilling gaming experiences. 

As the crypto world advances, many new and emerging projects are introducing Web2 concepts into the Web3 metaverse. From gaming to fashion, entertainment, and much more – innovative projects and companies are bringing Web2 activities into the crypto metaverse for everyone. In this emerging and competitive market, Funarcade is one of the top projects that is allowing online casino players and the gambling community to access incentivizing Web3 opportunities.  

Recently, this online gaming platform took to Twitter to announce the launch of its incentivized testnet on May 8th. This incentivized testnet in the beta version will allow early participants to test, participate in, and win exciting casino games. Moreover, according to the allocation of Funarcade’s FAT token’s total supply of 100m, the project will give away 1M FAT to the participants during the testnet. 

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The Beta Testnet Features: 

According to the tweet, gamers will be able to join Funarcade’s growing web3 gaming community, participate in engaging games, and earn $FAT tokens depending on their testing and feedback. This new project is a wonderful method for gamers to have fun while also earning prizes.

The forthcoming launch has piqued the interest of both gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and the tweet has already generated a lot of discussion on social media. Funarcade fans can’t wait to join the community, play games, and collect $FAT tokens.

More About Funarcade: 

Funarcade is a community-focused online casino that focuses on transparency, fairness, and high-profit distribution. 

The platform makes use of both on and off-chain components to deliver a seamless web2 gambling experience while also including web3 profit distribution and transparency methods. So users can set out on a journey into the metaverse with similar features, online casino games, and playing ease of an online casino – but it only gets better with Funarcade. 

Primarily, Funarcade includes all of the primary segments in the cryptocurrency gambling ecosystem, such as casual and casino games, sports betting, lotteries, and PvP games.

So for all the online gaming enthusiasts looking for an opportunity to step into the Web 3.0 metaverse, this is an exciting opportunity for you to make the most of this growing industry. 

Go ahead and mark your calendars for Funarcade’s beta testnet launch on the 8th of May and win a share of the 1M FAT testnet rewards!

For more details about the beta testnet, stay tuned with Funarcade.

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