From Nick Szabo to Naval: The best crypto twitter threads of the week



July 11, 2018

We all know Cryptocurrencies are at the forefront of innovation in finance and tech. But the people involved in crypto are also leading the way, fighting in the intellectual battle ground that is crypto twitter to see which ideas gain strength and which die off. Well, at least some of them, others like myself are merely observers. To that end, I decided to make a weekly list of the best and most interesting twitter threads posted by relevant figures from this community. Click the tweets to see the rest of the threads and let me know if I missed any other good ones.

  1. Nick Szabo on Biological Scalability

2. Jackson Palmer on the Centralized “kill switches” of DApps

3. Cory Miller on AUGUR launch

4. Naval on Blockchains replacing Networks with Markets

5. Ameer Rosic with a great tweet about Capitalism vs Socialism

stay safe and remember CRYPTO IS COMING!

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