Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci Compares Bitcoin Holdings to Bonds

Bob Coiney

January 26, 2021

Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House communications director, said that bitcoin holding is similar to using bonds. 

A news post on cryptoglobe stated that Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House communications director saying that bitcoin holdings are similar to holding bonds. Scaramucci said that bitcoin is safe, and users can make use of them as a security investment. 

Scaramucci feels that bitcoin is safer than holding gold and bonds. Anthony Scaramucci, who is also the SkyBridge capital head, said in an opinion piece published on CNN, that bitcoin holds immense value and has become an invaluable commodity over the last few years. 

BitcoinCommunity.Gr is a news portal on cryptocurrency had to tweet on Former White House Communications Director Compares Holding Bitcoin to Bonds.

Scaramucci credited the scrutiny of the governments and their regulation policies for it. Anthony Scaramucci, who operates SkyBridge Capital, felt that bitcoin is the best option for long-term investors who want to remain safe during the inflation period. 

Anthony Scaramucci and Brett Messing, who is a fellow SkyBridge executive, together cited that bitcoin has decreased the risk of owning and is valuable than bonds and gold. Anthony Scaramucci and Brett Messing wrote that due to the development in infrastructure and the increase in regulations, besides proper access to financial institutions makes investments in bitcoin effective and safe. 

Financial institutions like Fidelity ensure that investor’s cash is kept safe for balancing portfolios. Anthony Scaramucci and Brett Messing said that bitcoin, over the years, has immensely matured. 

They also felt the crypto market had done ample justice to their claims. Anthony Scaramucci and Brett Messing added that the crypto market is in an early adoption phase providing significant value in the long term. 

Anthony Scaramucci’s comments do not come as a surprise because his firm, SkyBridge Capital, had filed an application for offering bitcoin hedge fund a month ago with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Their fund, called as SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund LP, was formed in January. The financial institution for them would be Fidelity as custodian, and auditing would be done by Ernst & Young. SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund LP details are handled by two eminent service providers globally.