Former US President Donald Trump launches his NFT collection

Subh Rath

December 16, 2022

Mr. Trump created a whirlwind on crypto Twitter (and beyond) when he established an online store selling $99 digital trading cards. Here he projected himself as a superhero, an astronaut, an Old West sheriff, and a variety of other fantasy personas. This is his first substantial public move since launching his presidential campaign in 2024 last month.

The collection is a set of NFT trading cards that promise to come with real-world rewards for customers, such as an invitation to a gala dinner with Trump or a meet-and-greet with the former US president.

On Thursday, former President Trump’s Truth Social account launched the ‘Collect Trump Cards’ campaign, offering digital trading cards minted on the Polygon blockchain. These digital collectibles come at $99 each and grant the purchaser access to sweepstakes to win various bonuses and rewards. The digital trading cards are just the latest offering in a series of digital asset technology innovations, allowing collectors an entirely new way to experience the joy of collection and kinship with like-minded fans.

Other celebrities that launched their NFTs

From artwork to music CDs and everything in between, artists, musicians, athletes, and dream-chasers are all selling their unique, non-replicable creations to those with the finances and willingness to scoop them up.

Snoop Dogg, Grimes, and Tony Hawk are just a few celebrities that have jumped on the NFT bandwagon and created their non-fungible tokens.

Lindsay Lohan, actress of “Mean Girls,” is no stranger to NFTs, having issued her token on Rarible in February 2021, which sold for $50,000.

Grimes, a Canadian singer, is somewhat of an NFT sensation, having sold about $6 million in digital artworks. Grimes has become one of the bestselling NFT creators because of her WarNymph collection of ten pieces, some of which are one-of-a-kind and others that come in sets of thousands.