Filecoin Frontier Accelerator Unveils 11 Startups to Receive Initial $20k

Bob Coiney

February 2, 2021

Filecoin Frontier Accelerator is planning on unveiling 11 startups, and each of them is destined to receive an initial $20k. 

An exciting news post on cryptoninjas claimed that Filecoin Frontier Accelerator that is going to be powered by LongHash Ventures, supported by Protocol Labs, Fenbushi Capital, and HashKey Capital, is launching 11 startups into the program. 

Those who have been shortlisted are to receive $20,000 in grant support. They are also considered for more funding opportunities that can form a USD 1.5 million investment. Included in the investment is $1 million committed by Fenbushi Capital and HashKey Capital.

CryptoNewswire offers readers the latest cryptocurrency news and events had this to tweet about Filecoin Frontier Accelerator unveils 11 startups to each receive an initial $20K.

Colin Evran, Ecosystem Lead at Protocol Labs, said that Filecoin Frontier is a series of hackathons and accelerators in 2021. They want to put on board a group of entrepreneurs and talented developers to the growing Filecoin ecosystem. 

They want the projects and the apps that are to be launched on IPFS & Filecoin with these programs as the key pillars of Web 3.0. The central concept is to move humanity towards a faster, safer, and resilient online place to work. 

The Filecoin Frontier Accelerator program begins on February 2nd, 2021, and goes till April 2021. A few of the 11 startups include Atomica, which is an automated insurance market platform for decentralized finance, Curio Digital, which is a marketplace for tokenized digital collectibles; Filbox, a cloud service provider for enabling users to encrypt and monetize data.

You also have Huddle01, an online classroom platform that is optimized for video conference engagement; and Myel, a community-powered content delivery network; and NonEntropy Tech, a video-focused online learning platform.

Emma Cui, Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner at LongHash Ventures sounded excited. Cui said that they are passionate about delivering a secure and level playfield. Their partnership with Filecoin is vital for designing Web 3.0. 

Cui also placed the importance of Asia, setting the pace for blockchain adoption and application. Emma Cui that Web 3.0 will play a significant role in the ambitious and talented workforce on the path to build the next digital civilization.

The next 12 weeks will see projects operating on end-to-end support. Few areas include strategy formulation, subject matter guidance, go-to-market execution, token economics, marketing, and fundraising.